The Development

All these stages for which it passes the human being are basic for the healthful development of a child. Rappaport (1981, P. 02) makes the following reference in relation to the first years of life. ' ' Freud caused a decisive impact when showing the importance of the first years of life in the estruturao of the personality, determining the course of its future development in the direction of mental health and of the adjusted social adaptation or patologia.' ' Having the conception as beginning of the life we will approach the influence of the prenatal period in the psychological development of the child. The prenatal period corresponds to the phase that goes of the moment of the fecundao until the childbirth. The child who this being generated inside of the body of its mother, certainly this very well protege, but not it point of to prevent and any risk all. This is a period very desired and ties magician for many women, therefore they inside load of itself another life.

The gestante, thus must keep a glad spirit, of peace and acceptance, therefore everything what it feels transmits the child. In accordance with Mussen; Canger and Heston (1995, P. 70): Although not to have direct connections between the maternal nervous system and the fetal, the emotional state of the mother can influence the reactions and the development of the embryo. This occurs because the emotions as anger, fear and anxiety put in action the independent nervous system of the mother, liberating certain chemical substances (as acetilcolina and epinefrina) in the sanguine chain. All woman who soon will be mother, for tenser than either its environment must express constantly disposal and joy, knowing that all its efforts will be rewarded when having in its arms its child. The sensations of the mother are negative they or positive, they influence in the fulfilling of the emotional supply of its children.

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