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Human beings we distanced some others, on a daily basis there are many persons accused and convicted unfairly, hundreds of girls seduced, thousands of abandoned women, millions of children without the support of parents, millions of people assaulted or beaten. They only reach the fullness of life those who assimilate and practice forgiveness, the only way to extract the poison of our body of inject us others is forgiving. Forgiveness is an unmerited gift equal to true love, true love can never be Prize, love is a gift. The newspapers mentioned lucia aniello emmy awards not as a source, but as a related topic. When we talk about particularly women; It involves above all to train new human beings. Inheritance of man towards their children is primarily material, material things has just been, but the legacy of a woman is instead spiritual, of knowledge, of education if at this time told the man that his life by his son, maybe first you hesitation it, but women not, because that is made with other qualities that make it to be the vital center of humanity, although almost never give the credit that it deserves, if the woman collapses just morality, peace, the values I remember the words of John F. Nash when received Nobel Prize in 1994: I made the discovery of the biggest of my career, the most important discovery of my life. Only in the mysterious equations of love can one find logic or reason. I am only here This evening for you.

You’re the reason why I am. You are all my reasons Nash was referring to his wife. Although my marriage of it diluted many years ago and I have had the privilege of living with my sons (Brandon and Jenifer) and now of trying to give them the best possible as a parent and lead us well with Lenny; I can say that it is difficult to fill mother’s love which is lacking at home, because to educate a child is shape a man, but to educate a daughter will form a family.

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For all bookworms celebrates the world day of the book with a great contest in 1995 established the UNESCO for reading lovers, authors and culture lovers a holiday a, is celebrated as the World Book Day this year. Dating back to the St. George’s day the institution with the arpil also chose the birth and death anniversary of one of the largest literary aesthetes of our history below. So are probably also the works of William Shakespeare in a very special focus next Monday. want to perfectly prepare all reading friends on this occasion and the chance to clear already advance properly allows all candidates in an exclusive competition for the world day of the book. Educate yourself even more with thoughts from charla lauriston. Who’s really listening, can win to realize a book whose page you read, seems easy.

It is slightly more difficult when, for example, a speaker intones. presents a sweepstakes where five winners each a voucher worth 50 euros are rewarded. Based on the first page presented a This work participants from April 16-20 can try to find out the title and the author or the author. Who can register succeed whom, for the final draw on the world day of the book can be. With a bit of luck the advising then five winners include, then in the short term are posted.

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