Therefore with the legalization the using population of low income will not go to leave to use. with the law of offers of of the search, the consumption of illegal marijuana increases. 3- Thus being the private sector that will make responsible for the supply of legal marijuana it will go to pressure the public power to intensify the persecution and fiscalization of the traffic, to eliminate competition. Soon more violence and wars. 4- the existing nets of corruption already will have, with the legalization, plus a millionaire shunting line source of mount of money, tax evasions of taxes and formations of mfias, therefore all the process of production and sales of legalized marijuana involve agroindstria, pharmaceutical industry, transport, system of public and private security, taxes on distribution and consumption, mounts of money for combat to the illegal flow (traffic), among others.

If I was using I would prefer that he continued illegal. Exactly that the legalization if has limited to the medicinal use will exist the cited process all previously, exactly that in lesser scale. A legalized time the use, the government will have that to include in its public expenses with health and security the effect of this legalization. As well as if it makes with the tobacco and alcohol. For being legal and culturally inserted in the society, the public expenses with victims of these vices are highest. Perhaps plus a tax to the citizens it was created (hypothesis). The medicinal benefits of marijuana are studied, proven escancarados in its defense.

As well as the curses, in the same ratio. In the question health, the scale is balanced. However in the social matter dumb history. It is used very of the historical use of marijuana as argument. It is cited that the Chinese, Indian and African civilizations were used of marijuana for many ends, and therefore we would have to give another treatment in our society.

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