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Coast Sea bream (Gold Coast) – the main tourist center of Australia, one of the best centers and more popular of the world, is located between Sydney and Brisbane. Slight tropical climate, beautiful beach 42-miles of sand sea bream and endless of diversion doing of the Gold Coast an ideal place to relax, as well as one of best of the region a place to sail. Here you can enjoy the warm sun and the warm sea, to visit the national parks and zoological parks with flora and exotic fauna, the world-wide famous thematic parks – Marine World (It is World) – an enormous aquatic spectacle and amusement park with marine animal, World-wide Cinema (World Cinema) – true " Australia Hollywood" with the concomitant attributes, reason why h. they show Trick, maintenance centers, Surfers Paradise Dream World (" World of the Dreams – Disneyland with many local attractions and thematic exhibition), as well as the park acutico" Vet" n" Vayld " casino" Commercial Conrad Yupiters, centers, Fair of Pacific " y" Navy Mirage, Wild Animal Park Kurrumbin, discotheques, Bars nocturnes and restaurants for all the pleasures. The modern bath city of Brisbane is the capital of one of the most prosperous states of Australia – Queensland, as well as one of the most important cities of Australia and " puerta" of the Gold Coast.

Constituted with transit center center of the city it is framed by the colonial large house to borders of the Brisbane river. A pile of coffees, restaurants, bars and restaurants outdoors, and the industry of the development razlecheny combined with excellent climate makes of this city an important center of conferences, seminaries and exhibitions of importance anywhere in the world. To the north of Brisbane, in initiating the famous localities of Sunny Beach (or " Sunshine Coast"), and to the south – not less attractive zone of Gold Coast. You not only can swim in the beach, but also to visit the most famous in the plantation of tropical fruits rural park – " Big Pineppl" or the indescribable beauty of the island of Fraser, including in the List of World-wide patrimony of UNESCO. Closely together real Australian extended and " selva" – the tropical forest of the National Park Lamington, that also is under the trusteeship of UNESCO. Original author and source of the article.

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