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in figure 3. necessities primary and secondary human beings. Understanding Bergamini and Chiavenato in citations of the necessities of Maslow, we can observe that the human being automatically is moved ace necessities. Being thus, the company could be motivating and presenting its professionals the hierarchy of the organization. To try to show to them that it has growth possibilities, however, needs to be worked with very well-taken care of each information, not to transform the employee little motivated into a very prepotent professional. Human B-Behavior the behavior is caused by action of human beings equivalent its motivation, many times says very of a professional, mainly when the employee is part of a group.

Chiavenato (2007, p.297-298) explains the human behavior in three assumptions related related between itself. 1.O human behavior is caused. A causalidade of the behavior exists. As much the hereditary succession how much the environment influences decisively on the behavior of the people. The behavior is caused by internal and external stimulatons.

2.O human behavior is motivated. It has a purpose in all human behavior. The behavior is not causal nor random, but guided and directed for some objective. 3.O human behavior is guided for personal objectives. Underlying the all behavior, always exists an impulse, desire, necessity, trend, expressions that serve to assign the behavior reasons If the assumptions will be correct, the comporatmento humanao will not be spontaneous, nor exempt of purpose: it will always have some implicit or explicit objective to guide the human behavior. Of the form that Chiavento displays the behavior human, he is more delicate it company to make the training, as the behavior is the action of the motivation human being, is turned in the question of the care that the organization must have when displaying the growth steps and where each professional can arrive inside of the company. On the other hand, it is cativante to know that a company can mold the behavior of a professional through motivations.

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