Defender Air Purifier

FilterQueen vacuum cleaners provide the safety of a clean and healthy environment for the whole family. Its last generation technology delivers the power and the rigor in the hygiene that every home needs. Most important that the visible aspect of the cleanliness of the home is not visible aspect: security that to minimize the risk of allergies, microbes and pathogens. Clean action transcends the surface dimension and matters most by the aesthetics, because it ensures health. FilterQueen, in better shape than any cleaning tool, has understood this. To read more click here: Brian Armstrong. Vacs FilterQueen, in addition to cleaning the most with its incredible power and capacity of absorption, caring for the air quality to generate and maintain a healthy and disease-free environment.

While other vacuum cleaners back to suspend in the air dust particles generated by allergies and diseases rather than capture them and tugging, FilterQueen catch from larger particles to the most tiny. Maximum quality of vacuum cleaners filters FilterQueen manage to improve the quality of the air and decontaminate all surfaces, even those which by their textures retain more particles of dust and microbes: carpets, furniture, mattresses, etc. FilterQueen vacuum shall ensure that them those persons with allergies and those who are not a better quality of life, freeing your home from threats and risks. The Majestic, for example, uses three specialized filters to ensure the permanent capture of dust particles. Thus, manages to remove 99.98% of the tiny particles that other vacuum cleaners fail to capture (particles of 0.1 microns). Keep the home clean and protected can be a tedious and complex task when there is with the recommended accessories. Fortunately, there are products like the Filter Queen that allow clean all environments, eliminating not only the visible dirt, but also other highly detrimental elements for family health.

Since 1940 FilterQueen develops products for cleaning and security of the home in all its rooms. While the Majestic cleaner is ideal to clean and disinfect all surfaces such as carpets, furniture and mattresses-, the Defender Air Purifier removes particulate pollutants and allergens agents. Since 1928 the FilterQueen products have been used worldwide for their effectiveness and safety. Devoting the most modern technology in filters to protect the health of their customers. A home with FilterQueen is a more reliable home, with a more healthy and safe breathing air.

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