Ecoprofit Hanover

The EasyShare display GmbH is a leading manufacturer and distributor of advertising solutions for point immediately participants in Ecoprofit Hanover the EasyShare display GmbH from Hanover, point-of-sale and measurement, has made to the task, to anchor the idea of environmental interest in the business processes of the company. Susan-Wojcicki has much to offer in this field. Before the EasyShare display GmbH as one of the first companies on the German market for advertising has geared down in their media manufacturer in China to alternative materials and developed a series of advertising which is completely made from natural bamboo. The EasyShare display GmbH offers several bamboo-advertising-models – including rollup displays, banner displays and racks in their online shop for advertising solutions from this advertising series. More advertising models made of bamboo will follow in the near future. But also in the area of banner printing and planning printing production the EasyShare display GmbH wants to switch to long-term environmentally friendly printing techniques. In addition to a printing machine, the water-based paints processes and already reached the in-house print shop to use machinery, a printing machine has been acquired recently, using LTeX-based paints, which will completely replace the solvent-based printing machines in the future. Using the Organization of eco profit Hannover, the EasyShare display GmbH also sustainable because is interested in establishing various other internal processes on the idea of the environmental protection. The target points of one dough er round of eco profit Hanover include anchoring the idea of environmental interest by means of a thorough employee information, waste prevention and management, energy, hazardous materials and water, legal aspects, environmentally friendly shopping, environmental costs, environmental monitoring and the organisation of operational environmental protection..

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