We designated under the name of work at height to those that take place at heights that are located above two metres, whether in buildings, scaffolding, machines, vehicles, structures, platforms, ladders, etc., as well as to work in depth, excavations, openings of land, wells, etc. There are many factors that can cause a drop in a vertical work, such as poor physical condition, imbalances by dizziness, vertigo, or simply lack of attention either to material causes lack of protective equipment, breakage of elements of Airfoil, moist soil in some sectors, as in the construction, falls in height represent a high percentage of accidents with sick leave during the workday and that lie between 20 and 30 %and may have variations depending on age and statistics. Falls of persons at different levels give rise to injury even gives the fact that 20% of which are produced as a result have death. There are many risk factors they can cause accidents at work at height. Talking about factors brought about by lots or little stability where we place ourselves, since we work in places like scaffolding, ladders, trees etc but we also have to take into account other types of factors that may increase the risk to us. When working outdoors and in height atmospheric conditions are very important to do a good performance of the work. Also must be a good mindset and cold head that any problem can cause an oversight that can be very serious and even fatal in height.

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