Fleeing Ourselves .

& Nbsp; Faced with a severely painful situation, or to what we think may be a radical change in our lives, many times we decided to change address, change of city or even country. We do so with the intention of leaving the effect of painful situations, or start a new life, as if within our power to erase the past, or eliminate the fact that other people have on us. ; Maybe that's the best way to fool ourselves. Running away from situations not take us to find the remedy or solution. We are part of the problem, but in the same way we should be part of the solution.

If it makes you feel better, you can zoom out for a reasonable time to think about the problem and sort the ideas, but keep in mind that it is necessary to return. Back to the place, or return to the situation. & Nb sp;; Just as a student can not graduate if you fail all subjects of the race, you can not pretend to live fully if you have "unfinished business" over others people, or about yourself. & N bsp; You may think, "but I still having outstanding issues is doing great, why bother to fix them?". I answer: if you still carrying a heavy backpack can climb a ladder without problems, "imagine how would rise faster if you do not carry that weight?!.

Do not let your problems together and forming a ball of snow, which then will be out of your control. Act in time. Think and solve one problem at a time. & Nbs p; See you soon. Visit us and leave us your comments. Carlos Cabrera Together We Grow. Together is Better.

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