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Of the one to gain money with sites? Umapergunta that with certainty already came the head of many people who turn oexemplo young that of the day for night had transformed simple ideas emsites millionaire. The reply it is simple: Yes, any person is capable to gain money with sites, but if the question was: Of the one to gain MUCH money with sites? There the reply certainly she would be another one. Averdade is that in contrast of what the people think, a simple idea, or even though a fantastic idea is not the sufficient. The estcheio world of creative people that has fantastic ideas and dreams in setornar the new millionaire of the Internet. The biggest barrier the serquebrada one is of the visibility. Exactly that you have an incredible site, very developed well and with a pretty layout, as the people to vodescobrir that it exists? Every day thousands of sites, blogs, fotologs and etc are created in the world. the fight for a virtual space nomundo is each incited time more. Therefore to paraconseguir to make with that its site shoots up, you it will need investiracima everything in marketing. A good alternative is the Adwords of google that the measure will be each time more in account that new sites will be created. Emresumo the message that I leave is: If it does not delude finding that in internetexiste a fast way for wealth, as everything in the life you will have to quetrabalhar and if to dedicate VERY to obtain to arrive in the desejadIgor position

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