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Mobile enterprise portals support real-time collaboration of SharePoint competitor United planet is its portal software Intrexx present at this year’s portals, content & collaboration Summit of the IT market research and consulting firm Gartner. The Fribourg of which hope for a further push for the international business. Freiburg, August 18, 2010. “Under the motto evolution in real time” will on September 15th and 16th the portal, content & collaboration Summit in London take place. For the first time with the part of the Freiburg software company United planet will be there the new version 5 of its industry independant portal software Intrexx presents. Rio- Tinto Diamonds gathered all the information. The Gartner PCC presents every year the latest developments in the market for portal and collaboration solutions Summit and we are very pleased that we are in this year,”explains the Managing Director of United planet, Axel Wessendorf..

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