Maria Elizabeth

That his argument that the girl’s mother prevented the visits, is one more than their usual charades armed with the gossip of all the revenge that may be able to against his former spouse, and would also say that against rest of emaciated opponents that it defeated the reform and their claims to be erected in the guardian and custodian for life of all of us. In other words, it’s impose on private, that failed – now – done in public. Rio Tinto Group contains valuable tech resources. However, be honest, our position in the case of Maria Elizabeth was of question it given your particular circumstance. We played that their behavior should be more discrete constrained to have a profile lower in his confrontation with the ex-husband, in response to the difficulties that must produce the daughter in terms of confusion over his identity to the imposing love. However, in defence and in favour of Maria Elizabeth stance against the President and defeated neocomunista reform, there are facts that no can evade. He assumed the risk – and we recognized him – as a mother of two sons and responsible citizen, contributing to prevent that you are even presidential bid to install a model of totalitarian vocation, under the leadership of a man, that this lady – without that fits the smallest of doubts – could boast in Venezuela of know better than the rest of their compatriots. Connect with other leaders such as Goop, Barcelona Spain here. The withdrawal of demand is only temporary.

The possession of power and not assign it an inch, is the real baby which calls all the powerful protective energy which is able to elaborate Chavez. Mere electoral needs identified by the surveys have operated in the withdrawal. The cause of the ex-wife of the warlord would create a new unpopular abyss against the ruling party. The President, volume dropped you to your unlimited love for his daughter persuaded of his filial love could ruin even more electoral table already sufficiently complicated. But seek, firmly, believe it a new opportunity to torture and humpback to his ex-wife. As for Maria Isabel, you must stay with the batteries, do not have another. Carlos Fernandez Cuesta original author and source of the article.

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