Marketing Operations

On the other hand, the operations the stated period went off and next to them the insolvency and the scarcity of services for the Autocenter. Changed the structure of company, was defined then that in the periods of high station, they increase the picture of services of Autocenter, harms without offering great promotions in the vendidas merchandises. Period of no longer low station, starts to use of this idle picture of man power of assembly and installation, to take care of with rendering of services of married sales and promotions. Compensating in scale profit any imbalances by vol. of vendidos products. Example: in the purchase of the kit of paid shock absorbers at sight, the customer starts to have right the discountings in the alignment service and balancing. Ally to this, intensified in this period the partnerships and visits together those automotivos workshops and centers that offer more specific and more complex services. As maintenance of engines, lanternagem and painting.

On the other hand, so that this strategy functioned efficiently, she was necessary to facilitate to conditions and stated periods of payments. Beyond intensive actions of marketing. Therefore the company searched to diversify terms of payment, beyond searching in the banks and financiers more solid partnerships of credit. CONSIDERAES ON the ACTIONS OF MARKETING to raise the performance of its products and services, was necessary that the suppliers, partners and customers had knowledge of the possible benefits to be now reached. More than this, it was necessary to awake positive interests how much to new the proposal commercial of the Unit. From there the importance of a strategy marketing querente and adapted to the white segment. One knows that for a successful campaign of marketing a positioning clearly of the company is necessary at least on which segment to reach and which attributes to evidence. Decided to the pendencies of allocations and internal adaptations, the Unit Retail looked for to focar in the segment of vehicles of small average transport (popular, utilitarian and esportivos) whose marks had representative of parts in Brazil.

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