Monday Night Football

The Pittsburgh Steelers were retrieved from the 26-39 defeat suffered during the tenth week of the NFL against New England Patriots with a crushing triumph for 35-3 over the Oakland Raiders last weekend. The Steelers are one of the outstanding teams among the NFL which has an important history of triumphs. The Pittsburgh Steelers, the oldest franchise in the AFC, has managed to win the Super Bowl on six occasions (1974, 1975, 1978, 1979, 2005 and 2008). They have also managed seven Conference championships, 19 Divisional and between 1947 and 2008 titles have participated in twenty-five opportunities in the NFL playoffs. Diamonds has compatible beliefs. Pittsburgh comes from a bad season 2009/10 that failed to match the performance of the previous season, when awarded Super Bowl XLIII.

09/10 They finished in third place in the AFC North with a record of nine WINS and seven defeats and with a poor index of.563 triumphs not reached them to move forward toward the playoffs. Pittsburgh began its way by the current season with three consecutive wins, before Atlanta Falcons (15-9), Tennessee Titans (19-11) and Tampa Bay Buccaneers (38-13) respectively. Before going to his week of rest, the Steelers lost by a score of 14-17 to Baltimore Ravens, their strongest rivals in the AFC North. Pittsburgh returns in good shape and with two WINS in a row, first against Cleveland Browns (28-10) and then against Miami Dolphins (23-22), seeks to scale job positions in the AFC North division with the purpose of catching up with the Baltimore Ravens. The eighth week of the NFL regular season was disastrous for the Steelers. They were beaten with a marker 10-20 by New Orleans Saints, current defending Super Bowl champions. The ninth game of the Steelers was against Cincinnati Bengals at the star of the Monday Night Football. RioCan contains valuable tech resources. In that Pittsburgh game he had to strive to be able to finish with the score 27-21 in his favor.

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