Paid Surveys Actually Exist

When I began to internalize paid online surveys on the topic a great doubt, arose I surely doubt that arises all: are they real? Is there really the possibility of someone pay me by filling out a survey? It is normal to show skeptical and respond without much meditation so don’t think that nobody would pay for something as well. But if we stop a moment to think, without need to see proof, got the conclusion that do exist who among us does not ran ever with a little boy out of a supermarket with a planillita in his hand saying we do Lord, have you a moment?? Then that moment it becomes something like 20 minutes, where we are asked about our preferences to buy. It is an example of unpaid survey. Today, if we want to stop in the street to interview us about a product, already learned the lesson: we cannot stop because we will be there for almost half an hour and no one will give us nothing in return. The polling companies perceived this change and concluded that the best way to obtain a survey of market is paying consumers for their opinions. Some years ago I worked from pollster.

A company tested products used with more regularity car repair workshops. The survey took half an hour, I interviewed a dazed mechanic who couldn’t wait for me to go. Since then, me I paid, but mechanical failure! That changed: now are paid the mechanic directly, regardless of the pollster. And as the world changes with the technologies, instead of making a fist on paper, mails are sent to the little thing of mail from consumers at the bottom, they are the same thing right? Companies need to know the preferences of consumers. They may not begin to produce specific goods on a large scale without before knowing acceptance of the recipient; It would be like playing Russian roulette, perhaps enjoy luck and product have output, but may be a flop and lose thousands of dollars. We are all witnesses of some of these products that failed and quickly lost his place on the shelves: are nothing more than bad market testing. Therefore, to recognize these trends, companies decided not to send more youngsters to outlets of supermarkets or repair shops. They discovered that a better survey is carried out if given something in return and the best channel available, capable of reaching millions of people, is the internet. So hatch paid for internet surveys.

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