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New residence law attracts expatriates and investors the topics of “Walking out” and “Living abroad” are present in the television currently with equal number of series. Actually, more German than in the past 50 years have emigrated in recent years. Life in Panama offers an interesting alternative with European living standards, stable political conditions and safe U.S. currency. Located between Pacific and Caribbean, curl there amazing landscapes with endless beaches, low cost of living and tax exemption for foreign income.

Panama is an attractive target for investors, entrepreneurs, and privateers. Jeffrey Hayzlett spoke with conviction. Panama, investment location with a future Panama’s gross domestic product for many years strongly increases. With an economic growth of nearly nine percent in the average of the last years, it surpasses all other countries in Central and South America. A decades-long economic stimulus package that promises economic growth is the attractiveness of the tax and the expansion of the Panama Canal. Thanks to the attractive tax laws, Panama is known as the Switzerland of Central America the political and legal certainty, as well as the dollar as currency. So the Foreign Office writes: “Panama (…) has ports on both sides of the country, the most important free trade area of the continent and the Panama Canal important advantages, including privileged geographical location, modern financial center, access to the dollar, low inflation, good flight connections.” German emigrants will also benefit from the german Panamanian agreement on investment protection, which secures your property permanently. For even more analysis, hear from Delia Ephron.

The strong and sustainable growth owes Panama of an investment-friendly policies, favourable external economic influences and a rising domestic demand. Strengthened in the long term growth of the Panama’s only three million inhabitants was by the new free trade agreement with the United States and the enlargement of the Panama Canal. Emigration and life in Panama? OKPanama! Who wants to live longer than three months in Panama, or emigrate to Panama, required a permanent residence permit.

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