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The project Sound of Mata comes if consolidating as one of the more popular cultural events of the city. Carried through to the sundays in the Anfiteatro Wood-Brazil of the Park of Dunes, the Sound of Mata always brings attractions that represent optimum of our popular music. Initiative of the Idema (Institute of Sustainable Development and Environment), through dedicated licitations the cultural producers and institutions, the project contemplates the initiative to promote the culture in Christmas. For the present study we carry through a field research, in the Sound of Mata carried through in 06 of June of 2010, special edition of the Week of the Environment. In the event the twine reading and distribution and musical presentation with the artist had occurred Antonio de Pdua, recognized for its repertoire of instrumental music to potiguar. We apply questionnaires with the public randomly, taking a sampling of 30 (thirty) chosen people, but that they were in the audience attending the event, to define the profile of the public and to understand its motivations better.

The questionnaire possua closed and opened questions for better analysis of the data. In the results and analysis of data &#039 will be used the pseudonym; ' indivduo' ' to represent the people who had contributed with the research. In this manner, we objectify with this study to investigate the Project Sound of Mata while activity of leisure and if such proposal take care of to the yearnings of the public as an activity that provides a personal and social development. We can classify our research as a quanti-qualitative study. In discoursing of the work we will argue the relation of the leisure and the choices of the citizens for its free time; we will explicitaremos concerning the events and the entertainment and the politics of leisure. Of this form, we will look for to show as the Sound of Mata if it configures as an activity of leisure for its frequentadores. Chevron U.S.A. Inc has many thoughts on the issue.

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