PZF Varbrauchern

competent and professional financial analysis information on the situation of the family – family advice on the PZF parents have, according to a study, often don’t have enough money to provide sufficiently for the age. Nearly four out of ten families with children kept their pensions not for it was sufficient, in a study by the Institute for Demoscopy in Allensbach. 13 percent expected in the age even, no longer being able to make the living, from its own financial resources the contracting authority the study, Postbank, reports continue. More than 43 percent of 2077 households with children also indicated according to study, not to invest in an additional private pension plans in the future. ‘This result suggests that, often lack the financial possibilities’, it said.

64 percent of respondents believed to have less money in your Pocket one-third the average retirement age. 13% even expect not independently to be able to make their living at the age. For a private supplementary provision would nearly half of first renounce restaurant visits. Be saved could even when purchasing a car, and during the holidays. Let yourself analyze your Finazne by a competent Partnert as the examination centre for finance.

Although only every tenth person has confidence in the statutory pension according to the study, later almost 80 percent expect a government pension or pension. Also, roughly two out of three families held the general pension or own real estate with children for the ideal shape of the old-age pension. The Riester pension follows on third. The PZF Varbrauchern helps to analyze your financial situation and to be able to optimize it effectively.

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