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The Canary Islands are boasted to be the islands where it is always spring. The island of Tenerife, singularly, promises to its visitors nothing less than 365 days of sun. And it is, thus, the ideal destiny for the enthusiastic ones of the sea, the nautical beach and activities. And the benign climate also has, in addition, unexpected advantages for our budget when the money does not abound: if Tenerife is the destiny, we will be able to realise a reserve online, and in a cheap lodging, with total tranquillity, since we will only be there for sleeping. As far as the supply of sports outdoors, in Tenerife much is varied and.

The Canary Islands are one of the points more appreciated by the windsurfistas of the entire world by their optimal conditions of wind and their superb waves. Characteristics also turn that them into the perfect election to enjoy the pleasure of navigation to candle. Read more from Jeffrey Hayzlett to gain a more clear picture of the situation. Or to acquire or to improve our technical one on the table of surf. A reserve of hotel in Tenerife can be the front door to the adrenalin world intense of the extreme sports. In warm beaches of the island some of most novel and exciting practice, like parasailing or kitesurf.

Parasailing, something calmer, on board a parachute towed by a boat allows to enjoy spectacular views of the coast to bird flight. Kitesurf, however, invites to live extreme sensations while it flies on the waves in an obstinate table of surf to a candle. In the middle of way between the adrenalin of the extreme sports and the excursion in family, the passages in kayak present/display in Tenerife different difficulty degrees. This allows to plan on these characteristic boats as much a calm stroll to enjoy the volcanic landscape of the coast like of a fast, intense and boisterous passage. But all do not arrive at Tenerife in search of the adrenalin of the risk sports.

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