Servant NTP

The management of networks of computers is one of the most difficult aspects of technologies of information and communication (TIC). The logistics of the connection of terminals, routers, printers and all the other devices can leave to many administrators with a constant headache. One of the most important aspects that often it is ignored and it can have disastrous consequences he is the one of the time synchronization. It is imperative that all the devices in a network are indicating the same time to way of timestamp or fechadores clocks, the format in which a computer transmits the time between both, is the unique form of reference that a computer can use to establish a sequence of the events. If different machines in a network are indicating different then times will happen unexpected consequences, such as electronic mails that they arrive before technically other anomalies have been sent and that will still worse make the headache of the administrator.

What is more, a network computer science that is not synchronous is open to the threats of security and even to the fraud. Luckyly, the servant of time NTP has been for many years and can help to alleviate the headache of time synchronization. NTP (Network Time Protocol) is one of the oldest protocols used by the computer science networks. Developed for almost three decades NTP it has been a protocol that verifies the time in all the devices of the network and adds or reduces time sufficient to make sure that all are synchronous. NTP requires a time of reference to synchronize the clocks of the network. Whereas NTP can synchronize a network to any hour, an authorized source of time is evidently the best solution. Utc (Tiempo Universal Coordinado) is a calendar used at world-wide level based on the date of these atomic clocks. As the atomic clocks less than lose a second of time in more than thousand years, UTC is without a doubt the best source of time to synchronize to a network.

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