Swelling and deforming under the influence of moisture and temperature, wooden window profiles can change their shape and size, and … Oh, the horror! – That they are cracks through which we are losing precious heat. In addition, the wood has a significant drawback as flammability, reduced the significance of which can be due to special flame retardant impregnations and flame retardants, but the eco-treated wood in this way remains a big question. And if we talk about conserving natural resources, cutting valuable wood does does not improve the environmental situation and even more – could affect the change of climatic conditions in the region. Objects made of aluminum, known for its durability and strength, not for nothing that this material used in the manufacture of aircraft. The same can be said about the windows of aluminum. These windows will last more than one generation, to the same easy to care for them, and they are resistant to all sorts of negative influences.

But Aluminum profiles are not without drawbacks, and their main negative – high thermal conductivity. That is, once again – the heat goes out, the energy spent in vain, and the house is cold and uncomfortable. Overcome this problem by filling aluminum construction with special foamable polymer compositions, but these ‘warm’ aluminum profiles are much more expensive. Another trouble – aluminum exposed elektrokorrozii, ie, contact with other metals (especially copper), it can deform or even collapse. So that the relationship of aluminum windows with metal and swing zapopnoy accessories (handles, hinges, etc.) are very complicated. And then the position of durability of aluminum become shaky. Followed by Europe, in Russia today is becoming increasingly popular wooden windows. They are collected from multi-PVC-profiles of complex configuration with a reinforcing metal inserts.

Such structures allow to achieve high levels of thermal resistance, especially in combination with triple-pane windows, which are used special heat-saving glass. As a result, energy savings on heating using high-quality and properly installed PVC windows as high as 70%. Jill Bikoff understands that this is vital information. However, it should be remembered that in addition to excellent performance on Conservation, to create a comfortable microclimate in the house are also important, and other performance windows, such as resistance to wind and rain loads, the minimum temperature deformation, etc. Moreover, specific requirements depending on the region of Russia can vary considerably. However, leading manufacturers are offering quite versatile window system which can be easily installed in windy Novorossiysk and frosty Yakutsk. As one of the best options in terms of these performance characteristics can be called a window, ‘KBE expert’ with the width of the frame and sash 70 mm. The new five-chamber system created with the latest trends in the heat and energy saving. Compared with the previous generation of windows, insulation quality of the system ‘KBE expert’ on 25% higher.


Fold flap, as well as the frame consists of a plastic profile. Necessary in order to make the window was operable part. Modern window may have several options open: Swivel, tilt, swivel-tilt. In the first leaf unfolds just as in traditional windows. In the second – leans on type transom. A third option combines both possibilities. Sometimes the leaf is dull.

This option is often used in large windows, which consist of three parts. In this case, the extreme wing doing agile, and central – static. 3. Impost This important and often cited in discussions of specialist detail in our picture window was left without the numbers. And there are just two possible explanations. Firstly, the picture shows window in which the sash are combined with by other structural elements. Secondly, in order to see the impost, half the windows shall be fully opened A general impost – it’s all the same, familiar to us, the plastic profile with a steel increased inside. Serves to divide the window into parts and is designed to provide a connection between two or more folds in the construction of a single window.

Imagine a window with a wide-open doors. Those cross that you see the open doorway, and there impost. 4. Shtulp plastic profile, which is the same as the impost, serves to connect the two wings, but unlike windows with impost a leaf is dependent on the other during opening and has a window handle. This flap can be opened, only opening the main door with handle.

Composite Materials and the Kitchen Sink

Composite kitchen sinks, due to its qualities, gained recognition among customers all over the world, although it is a relatively new product. The Italian company Telma deservedly regarded as a leading company in developing and production of kitchen sinks made of composite materials. This is primarily due to the fact that the main principle that guided the company Telma in the manufacture of their car wash – is the development and use of materials with High Performance. In this article, the author notes the major unique performance characteristics kitchen sinks Telma, made of composite materials. What is the composite material? He made of two parts – the basis of the filler and the polymer matrix element.

As a basis (filler) used granite grit, sand, glass – an extremely hard material. Cohesive and formative functions perform quality acrylic resin. The technological process has two components react, resulting in a material and with unique characteristics. Natural base color (stone powder) transmits color the finished product. If necessary, add dyes. The main quality composite kitchen sinks are Telma nizhe.Nachat is from the main – a composite is environmentally friendly material.

It fully meets the requirements that apply to goods to employees for work with food wash produktami.Poverhnost highly resistant to impact and scratch resistant, making it impervious to damage from metal cutlery and crockery, or from accidental drops items. As a result, over the life of the beautiful original appearance of the kitchen sink is not changes. The high (up to 230S) in the temperature from hot liquids or dishes, or, conversely, a low temperature of frozen foods on the surface of composite sinks not leave marks. It is important that similar effect was . a composite cleaning special – rough to the touch. It is protected against the penetration of universal household chemicals and common alkalis and chemicals used in the kitchen. Moreover, such a surface creates a sound-absorbing effect of the noise of water and thunder posudy.Kompozitnye materials have low porosity. Therefore, the coloring matter from the bright-products (beet, berries, tea, coffee, red wine and grease stains ,…) easily washed off, without penetrating deep into the surface. And therefore I care for composite sinks Telma is very simple – using a simple sponge and soapy water or a powder for dishwashers mashin.Tsvet Composite materials are very resistant. This sink does not fade, even when it will be sent direct sunlight – when it is installed right next to okna.V company Telma developed a variety of colors for composite Sink – from trendy to elegant metal classic shades. This, of course, makes it possible to implement the boldest design ideas, harmoniously combining the sink with built-in kitchen appliances known manufacturers. More complete information about the composite washes Telma available at the online store Atlanta-Yu, site. The store is located in St. Petersburg, but the order and purchase the goods may each resident of Russia.

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