Three Developmental Directions

For further cooperation with the market and understanding the customers needs, the enterprise has actively focused on the latest news of mining equipment industry. Today, we will explore the three developing directions of the jaw crusher: energy efficient, CNC operation and diversity. The following are some views of Hongxing Mining Machinery Co., Ltd. 1. Energy efficient of crushing equipment must be further improved. At present, China s crushing technology has-been mature with kinds of crushing machine such as jaw crusher, impact crusher, compound cone crusher, hammer crusher and special equipment produced in domestic market. Click Brian Armstrong to learn more.

In order to meet the customers new requirements of cost saving and the new standard of the country s energy-saving and environmental conservation, the improvement of crushing equipment technology should be further. Technical staffs truly improve the efficiency and save the cost for customers through improving the design and perfecting the customer service plan. 2. Further improve the CNC operation of crushers. IT and computer innovation make it possible to further save manpower, material and financial input in resource the production process. In the future, crushers will perfectly combine the engineering machinery with internet information.

Network computer technology has not only been used in equipment designing but also improves the operating efficiency and quality in the actual operation of crushers. The future will be the gradually perfect mature process of R & D and digital operation. 3 Diversified application of crushers Crushers have a wide range of applications in the mining industry and successfully improve the economic value of mining waste. The progress of the new era makes the application of the crushers more diversified. Recently, a relatively successful application case of crushers is to crush concrete in the construction waste in order to reuse it as building materials. Likewise, impact crusher and cone crusher compound are also the main ore dressing and crushing equipment in the market. Henan Hongxing Mining Machinery Co., Ltd is the leading manufacturer of the mining machinery industry. All of the products have passed the authentication of ISO9001. Hongxing Brand is the Chinese Famous Brand. Our products are well known at home and abroad.

Email Marketing

We can say that all direct marketing and professionals of companies specialized in the marketing of results continue the tool of email marketing as their primary means of communication, in a not too distant future. According to an survey Email Marketing Forecast 2009 Forrester, stipulates that you for the year 2014 approximately, 150 million or more people will use e-mail regularly. Similarly, more than 50 million people will use various services of mail and messaging for social networks such as Facebook and Twitter. The use of personal email and business will continue to grow much and email marketing based on prior permission with some retention (for a group of messages that are attractive to customers) or by subscription of newsletters of great interest for the reader, will undoubtedly be the winner. Among the different forms of email marketing that will participate of the substantial market in the future will be: information by mail services, messages retention and newsletters with their sponsored ads. In the year 2014, investing in email marketing tool will exceed $ 2 billion, and all innovative marketers you’re worried about taking personalized and segmented communications best practices, the efforts of the databases and the efforts of sender reputation that guarantees more efficient and high delivery rates. It is truly surprising that today, many companies still use the immense power of email marketing provides, or that do use evil.

It is believed that the ROI of email marketing will increase up to 300% by 2014, compared with figures seen until today. This means that if, for example, an investment of EUR 10 on various email marketing systems produce a gain of 75 euros in 2014 earnings could exceed 200 euros. A greeting.

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