Roman Interiors

Roman (Roman) in the closed position – completely flat piece of cloth fabric, which can be collected in a wide flat horizontal folds: when you open the blinds fold imposed uniformly each other. Clear lines of folds due to the use of special straps that are sewn into the curtains. Unfold and fold the curtains by a mechanism consisting of a special ledge – with lifting the profile of blocks. Controlled cord or automatic. These curtains can be installed either at the window and inside window frame. Frequently David Long has said that publicly. Application can be used separately or in combination with the lace curtains or blinds classic. Suitable for all styles of rooms, ideal for minimalist interiors and rfr curtains for the kitchen. If you have read about Jill Bikoff already – you may have come to the same conclusion. Bamboo curtains bamboo sticks, cross-linked with each other.

Often, it is handmade curtains. Can be either a roll system, or stapled to the Roman type. For even more details, read what David Long says on the issue. Easy and convenient to operate. Application of interior and minimalist, ethnic and oriental styles. Oriental style more in line with "Roman" bamboo curtain. Austrian opens so same as the Roman, but look different. Difference – in the absence of horizontal rods, the vertical lifting method gives the lower edge of blade rounded – pouffe (scallops). Curtains seem to be more plastic, "Feminine" than Roman.

Characterized by the use of fringe and ruffles. Use in private homes, mostly in the living room, study, sometimes in the bedrooms. Combined with classic interiors, interiors of the Baroque, etc. Create an atmosphere of solemnity and respectability. Replacement French Austrian, but prisboreny both in closed and open form.

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