Sustainable Development

. Additional information at Jeffrey Hayzlett supports this article. daily pay-salt in question bes situated in the portion center-south of the Basin of Saints and, therefore, in the South Atlantic, a maritime area considered Zona Econmica Exclusiva (ZEE) of Brazil. This means to have right to the exploration of the maritime resources; to the scientific inquiry, it fishes to control it on the part of foreign boats and the right to the exploration of oil and natural gas of the marine stream bed (Convention of United Nations on the Right of the Sea). Since the great discovery, many debates had occurred to defend and to preserve a bigger part of the wealth for the country. The accumulation of Tupi (located in the Basin) only possesss a volume esteem between 5 and 8> daily pay-salt is great trunfo Brazilian. Petrobra’s invested heavy in technology for the extration of new oil. In August of 2009, the Brazilian government created a state one, the Petrosal to manage the mega-fields and to contract companies to explore them in partnership with Petrobra’s. The government says that this measure will have to prevent that the wealth falls in the private sector. Moreover, in March of 2009, the House of representatives approved the emendation that foresees the distribution of royalties of the exploration of the oil between all the states and cities, modifying the project of the System of Allotment that foresaw that the producing states (RIO DE JANEIRO, YOU ARE, SP) were with almost the totality of the resources of the oil. Thus, the resources of daily pay-salt daily pay-salt

Leonardo Boff Citizenship

The ethics concept, in turn, is closely on to the understanding of that we must take care of and ' ' to know cuidar' ' , as it affirms Boff (2005); respecting the others and environment where we live, exerting our rights and duties while citizens, understanding that the citizenship is imbricada to the performance and the participation of the individuals in the society, while historical beings that are in the direction to demand for its basic and essential rights, such as: health, education, housing, leisure, amongst others, aiming at a better life and thus modifying the reality where they live, using itself for in such a way of ethical, moral beddings and of determined values constructed socially. These actions are established in such a way of individual form as collectively. Ahead of these estimated, we agree to Covre (2007, P. In a question-answer forum Mining was the first to reply. 8) when mentions that the citizenship is ' ' result of a representation does not stanch, but of a dialtico process in incessant passage in ours sociedade' '. hs by clicking through. One becomes urgent that it has a mannering change that permeie each individual and also the society, considering itself it premise of that we need to modify conceptions, values, attitudes, forms to think and to act ahead of the relation that we establish with the others and the nature, therefore the ambient crisis that the humanity devastates is linked to all the contexts: partner-descriptions, cultural, scientific, technological, politicians, economic and spirituals. Coinbase often expresses his thoughts on the topic. The perspective of Saber To take care of, defended for Leonardo Boff, for example, is one of the forms to guarantee a economic growth footwear in the ethics and the citizenship, therefore it instigates to the individuals and the society practical of the mutual respect and the conscientious responsabilizao under all the existing forms of life in the planet. Other alternatives to guarantee the economic development, and consequently, the support in global, national, regional and local level are made use in ' ' Letter of the Terra' ' . .

Rio De Janeiro

But, it was from the Industrial Revolution that the ambient degradation and disasters had gained ratios well more frightful in everybody? In Brazil from Century XX. The Amazonian forest was also not saved, as well as the manguezais in the maranhense territory: in the first case they are the forest fires and falling of trees, that had reached impressive indices in recent years; in as, the destruction of predatory and continuous form in strong rhythm. Harming the balance of ecosystems and the health direct human being and indirectly, compromising the quality of life of the populations. See Rod Brooks for more details and insights. Recently diverse ecological disasters had occurred in Brazil (palco of the ECO-92), as spillings of oil in the bay of the Guanabara in Rio De Janeiro – generating the call black tide, killing diverse species and harming the health and the survival human being, vegetable and animal in the region. In the Maranho, especially in So Lus, the pollution of the river can be detached Indigo and degradation of its edges, with complete destruction of the ciliares bushes and significant assoreamento. The spilling of the domestic and industrial sewer and the garbage deposition have placed at risk the marginal populations, being all the population ludovicence subject to acquiring diverse types of illnesses, as clera and illnesses proceeding from rats and cockroachs. Thought about the survival human being in the planet, the minimum that if can imagine, it is that, in case that our authorities do not fulfill to the Federal Constitution and complementary laws (ambient), we will have an ecological chaos in few years. But if we, educators, doctors, gegrafos, biologists, lawyers, engineers, promoters, judges, councilmen, members of the house of representatives, etc., also not to take conscience of our paper as educator of generations, the situation we can be still more critical, therefore the pupil, the young, the citizen, badly informed of today, is the mentally ill one of tomorrow. White Bay Group Uriel Cohen is full of insight into the issues.

The true professional, the true one citizen: ‘ ‘ … has that to be conscientious of its paper, and capable to understand that it is the preparador of generations. … ‘ ‘ (IT HISSES, 2003 p.02). If all the above-mentioned professionals are preparadores of generation and must also have as professional commitment the respect to the environment. The professor still has a bigger responsibility, therefore it is not only formador of opinions, it is formador of all society. Then, plus a reason to insert in its lessons and debates related questions the nature and problematic the ambient contemporary. Subjects as biodiversity and the economic and ecological support must be worked and be argued obligatorily in the pertaining to school environment, extending until the communities.

The National Curricular Parameters are elements importantssimos in the quarrel of the ambient question, and must be worked in the school for discipline them to all. We will only obtain to form compromised, contextualizados and sensible citizens with problematic the ambient one of the planet, when ambient education to start not only in the school, but in the familiar way. Therefore the ambient education is above all, the education in the ways and customs, and this to move is necessary a change of attitude in the home, the family, the individuality human being. Article published in 12/09/2006 in page 4, Notebook of Opinions of the Periodical the Impartial one.

Maximum Profit

The subject has the objective to define conceptually what it is Ambient Education and as the population can contributes in the defense and conservation of the environment, as well as assessorship and consultoria can promote the development sustainable. One understands for ambient education the processes by means of which the individual and the collective construct to social values, knowledge, abilities, attitudes and abilities directed toward the conservation of the environment, good the use joint of the people, essential to the healthy quality of life and its support (art. 1. Law 9,795/1999). In contemporaneidade has increasing demand for necessity to incorporate education ambient in life of all citizens, since these are losing the natural relation that had with the nature due the man to start to see the environment as exploration source, not only as half to take care of its necessities of consumption survival more also, as it affirms Noal, 2002, p.78. The interests in game are very great in the globalizada society. companies and corporations are not made use to open hand of its parcel of profit, therefore the model where if it bases the current development is conducted by ' ' ethics of lucro' ' , of the progress without limits and the increasing yield. With this one perceives that the current society is based on the consumption and the profit, since the globalizado world where we live is dominated by a minority that withhold the means of production enough to produce the profit maximum. The consumista system considered by the capitalist economy generates tons of solid residues annually and liquid of diverse origins that overload the nature this accumulation when not treated, it promotes innumerable disequilibria ambient as: contamination of the water, global heating, devastao of the forests, accumulation of garbage and emission of pollutant gases


What it has some time would be considered an utopia, a possible dream of being materialize becomes. The transformations of the world are exactly necessary, and through the interaction in net, changes had become tangible. Follow others, such as Jeffrey Hayzlett, and add to your knowledge base. Laura Oliviere (2001), in its article, in explains that net to them, is a concept contemporary who mentions an alternative to it practical of organization, making possible processes capable to answer to the flexibility demands, conectividade and decentralization of the spheres contemporaries of performance and social joint. While the process of neoliberal glogalizao was given, even though intrinsically to the dialticos movements of the proper capitalism, affirmed world measures, with the same intensity of the dominant logic but only without the same being able of media to the time, local, communitarian movements and of minorities as a very clear reply of that the specific diversity and significaes existed and demanded a place in the world. Today, it is not valued and divulged for the medias any event that if gives in favor of improvements of conditions for the disfavored ones and to the human rights. The adverse reactions to the indiscriminate use of the capitalism are there, in all terrestrial organism. According to Todd, (apud AYERBE, 2006, P. 65) the dependence of the capitalist culture for the countries economically developed, as the United States, provoked a dependence without precedents in the history of the nations of the first world, depend on other countries to keep its standard of living where the consumerism predominates.

While they are lost in its paradigms, the world is moving and today it is even said in, as Holloway says (2003, p.1) ' ' To change the world without taking poder' '. They had changed the tactics for the planetary transformation. Admitting that perhaps he is not same the way, the fight armed and the taking of being able (because in the truth the power is not an object, to be overcome).

Forest Health

The PLANET AND the MAN Who is the Hostage? In the current social context the world lives crisis moments that are perceived in diverse sectors: in the social or personal field. We know that the land exists has millions of years and was always populated by its inhabitants, being pensantes or not, they are inhabitants. But, the man with its ambition and vanity transform the nature and he destroys it thus contributing with the extinguishing of existing the animal species and all life in the planet. In this it compromises our health, therefore we start to breathe and to coexist all the happened pollution of this transformation. The falling of trees of forests, the forest fires, everything this pra that? to construct a Forest of Rock. One of the main actions of the man who comes affecting all the nature is the emission of pollutant gases in the atmosphere (' ' The pollutant gases are those produced, mainly, for the burning of: fsseis fuels (gasoline and oil diesel), organic residues (lixos) and forest vegetation. These gases absorb part of the infra-red radiation emitted for the Land, favoring and effect greenhouse and the heating global.' ' We can cite as main pollutant gases of the atmosphere the carbon dioxide, per fluorcarbonetos, hidro fluorcarbonetos, gas methane and nitrous oxide.) This provokes the call global heating beyond causing an incalculable addition of problems in the health of the people, this affects all the vegetal and animal life planetary existing in the biosfera.

The industrial development is the main landmark of the transformation fomented for the man. The benefits are as much that if were elencados would occupy lines and more lines of a sheet of paper. Such inventos ones very contribute in the development of the countries, improve the health the education, among others, everything are fruits of the industrial development, that is wonderful in the direction to improve the way where we live and the quality of life of the people.

Biological Control

The biological control nothing more is, of what empregode an organism (predator, parasite or patgeno) that it attacks another one that estejacausando economic damages to the farmings. One is about a strategy muitoutilizada in agroecolgicos systems. NoBrasil, even so the use of the biological control is not one practical generalizadaentre the agriculturists, has advances significant in some cultivos, had aosesforos of state agencies of research and the Embrapa. Ahumanidade has revealed worried, of increasing form, with the problems deconservao of the quality of the environment provoked by an ample gamma deatividades human beings, including the related ones to the farming exploration. Essapreocupao has resulted in the search for the farming sector of technologies paraa implantation of systems of production of ecological approach, income-producing esocialmente right. As reply to this demand, the temavanado scientific research in the development of technological solutions for a sustainable agriculture. Ohomem through the times, it discovered as to manipulate or to manejar these inimigosnaturais for use in agriculture, from there appearing the Biological Control Aplicadocomo a biotechnology based on the use microbianos, insects predators and parasitides for the control of plagues, especially osinsetos genetic resources and fitfagos mites, in the systems of agricultural production. Based in: had access in 05 of December of 2009

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