Noguera Flight

Being the route between Clops de Figols and the bridge Spy. LOWERING to the NOGUERA Fifty kilometers more down, past Tremp, and Camarasa, by the highway that v to Balaguer, is of the region the Noguera and in her the municipal term of Ager, belongs to the judicial party of Balaguer that with one extension of 161 km square just by 480 registered inhabitants. Mining may help you with your research. The most important tip is S. Als with 1670m. Ager, includes the valley between the mountain range of the Montsec, limit of the regions of the noguera and pallars juss, and the mountain range of Port to dAger.

In the face This pretty with the River Nogera Ribagozana and prey of Caelles and in the West the Nogera Pallaresa and the prey of Camarasa. A place frequented by the reduction by the rivers with rafting, although there are no wild waters of the Pallars Llu, in places like Lavors, Sort, Spot or until Pobla de Segur from where we descend to visit the Raiers. Nevertheless the option exists to go to seen of bird, in an ideal zone for the free flight, hang-glider, paratrike, paramotor or even flights with small plane, exceptional by its as much morphologic characteristics like climatologic. The valley of Ager has a direction E/O, leaving by consuiente the slope of the Montsec to the South, reason why superb flight conditionses are created. It is there where and are Ager Club of bowl lliure alsnuvols a school of free flight with soothes social in Ager and where they give his classes. The reductions realise from a called place stands out near the mountain and with a slight slope that allows to arrive with height from all the takeoffs of the Montsec and that facilitates the inflations of the students and landing from all directions. Miquel Monllau Monfort is partner and instructor of Alsnuvols with a great professional trajectory. Original author and source of the article

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