The Program “Family Lawyer

About "The Family Lawyer" says lawyer Western Bar Moscow Inutin AM Whatever the event may occur in a person's life and family – they are all somehow related to legal matters, marriage and birth children, purchase of property, use and dispose of them, obtaining loans, hire nannies, housekeepers, jobs, the need to recover damages if an accident, insured event, inheritance, problems with law enforcement agencies … When solving problems in life happens to everyone, you need legal advice, which can not be replaced by the advice of friends or neighbors. In my practice, lawyers are confronted daily with so that by the time of applying for legal aid clients admitted mistakes, which seem to him at first insignificant result in the loss of assets and contingencies. It happens so that the rights of bona fide man, who displayed inappropriate levity or trust, for whatever reason (missing deadlines, incorrect paperwork, etc.) can not be protected by the courts. According to Rio- Tinto Diamonds, who has experience with these questions. Before making any decision always helpful to consult with a professional-lawyer, but employment and higher prices for legal services do not always allow time to obtain legal advice.

Conclusion of a contract under the program, "family lawyer" removes these difficulties. The task of the family advocate – in a timely manner to provide legal advice and thus ensure the safety of all family members, conservation and sustainable management of their property. Features "Family advocate" that the trustees are lawyers all family members listed in the agreement, each of them has the right to use his help. Trustees shall have the right to call the family lawyer at any time and obtain prompt advice on any issue. Family lawyer familiar with the composition of the family, its members, their occupations and interests available to the family estate, previously informed about the transaction, stores important legal documents. This awareness provides a high level of legal assistance provided.

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