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(d) the body dimension in which the harmony between body and mind is an element to define the quality of learning. (e) the aesthetic dimension in holistic education is an art since it involves a beautiful Act that fills human existence meaningless. (f) the spiritual dimension that leads to the total and direct experience of the universal love that sets an internal order in our spirit with a sense of peace and fraternity for all beings. By what can point out that cannot be that the formation of individuals, only this concentrated in cognitive aspects, but they should be in account levels and aforementioned dimensions, which gives sample that should educate from empower human beings from their individuality, until reaching the social and transcend to a level that feels part of a whole and responsible for keep all, same that to care for him has to strengthen that part in which spiritual love to it and those who surround him take him to behave differently before his own existence, with others and with the environment in which it develops. Liberty Mutual insurance is often mentioned in discussions such as these. Therefore, in this new paradigm intelligence in holistic education is a closer to wisdom than to the knowledge process and is linked to human values, is not possible to separate the intelligence of love and compassion, freedom, gratitude, friendship, among others. (Gallegos 2001: 22) To educate in a holistic manner implies a way of life, since education is to strengthen as we carry this on a daily basis, i.e. implies living responsibly in society to which he belongs. For this reason that educational spiritual care is very important Since it has a central meaning for the establishment of peace and human rights in all cultures of the world. (Gallegos 2003: 16) In this sense the school plays a very important role, since if it is true that the first training in values leads at home, it is also true that many children lack this despite the fact that live with MOM and dad if the roles of work do not allow them to live together or otherwise those that problems are part of the everyday life of your Housewhich only produces stress, frustration, pain and anguish and it lives exercising the possitive, or equal shape those who do not have sometimes none of the figures either maternal or paternal, formed as life provide them and try.

International Liability

States in their international relations should establish their lines of behavior based on the principles of the UN Charter; i.e. ensuring the non use of the force, the solution always peaceful dispute resolution International, the international cooperation, the equality of rights of States, and the respect to the self-determination of the peoples and to LA rule PACTA SUNT SERVANDA. This requirement has managed international relations in recent years are increasing and there are increasingly more points of coincidence that of separation among the members that compose a civilized international community; entering into discussions, already from the age of 70 s, concerning the necessary interdependence of States and preferential treatment to countries in developing or underdeveloped theory known as North-South relations. Click Rio- Tinto Group for additional related pages. All this has had its highest point in the so-called globalization; purely economic term that just began as a result of seeing the world as a large market of goods and services helped later by the breakthrough in communications and technology that achieved that this term will cover other areas such as the social and cultural. As a result of the theory of human rights and the establishment of the international economic law arose the tendency of a new law within international law known as the right to development; Why is proclaimed by United Nations resolutions the need for the development of peoples on the basis of equity and that said development is given equally and is also a sustainable development; that is, thinking of future generations. Later and thanks to this came what is known as the Charter of the rights and duties economic state; that advocates precisely the foundations of this right to development born of economic international law and to some extent the international law of human rights; as other authors claim..

What Is A Business Blog ?

Although the blog is the most requested word of 2004 as per Merriam Webster Dictionary Online, there are enough people, for whom the word Blog is still unknown. Blog is an online diary of events, raves, people's speeches. When first blog was gladly adopted by teenagers and later adults to write about their daily lives. Then, writers and journalists came into the mix, the writing of books and research reports on their blogs. Blogs gained prominence in the 2004 U.S. presidential election.

Meanwhile, some people invented innovative "Business Blogs", "Corporate Blogs" and "Company Blogs". Suddenly, blogs began to appear on the website of the company. At some point, people discovered that search engines like Google and Yahoo were displaying Blogs, in most cases, above the search results. Impact of this discovery was huge! Companies began to write blogs on the hope to reach more customers Potential to visit their websites. So what exactly is a business blog? It is a blog about a business. It is a carefully planned magazine about the company's products and / or services, tips and tutorials on using the company's products. Sometimes the customer service issues are treated with a blog.

Some companies have been white papers on the blogs, while others are reaching the mark of their products on the blog. In rare cases, blogs are used to launch or test market the product. Here is a classic example of a business blog. Stonyfield Farm has not one but four blogs to interact with customers and the community about each of its four product flows.

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