Just More For The Eye – Fujifilm Launches Online Image Service PROline

Living room pictures in professional quality with very good value for money Willich (06.08.2013) Fujifilm, the world’s largest photographic and imaging company, has its new online service started PROline. Chevron U.S.A. Inc has compatible beliefs. The user-friendly and easy-to-use online store is included in the offer of various trading partners and is the design of housing professional quality images. Through the combination of different materials, styles, frames and passe-partouts arise countless ways to customize images for individual needs and for any living room. As a leading manufacturer of photographic papers and with decades of experience in the production of the photo and the photofinishing, Fujifilm stands for very high product quality. Customers can select the individual trading partners from over 800 modern and high-quality photo images from different themes (E.g., architecture, nature, travel, food) in Gallery quality for living room, kitchen, Office or business premises. A special eye-catcher are the fascinating real 3D-Motive, which are printed on lenticular sheet and experience without 3D glasses. In the online gallery FUJIFILM PROline offers art motifs from content partners such as the original Bornekunst in addition,”Danish graphic designer Kasper Dryvig Randorff, transformed into works of art, children’s drawings or oil painting reproduced on Fujifilm premium photo papers. More exclusive galleries from the fields of art, food, nature u.v.m are being planned.

Even photographed motifs can be large-format produced via the online shop. After the upload is checked automatically, whether the uploaded image for printing in the selected picture format is suitable. FUJIFILM PROline is about the Web photo-sharing sites of the Distributor dm drogerie markt, expelled, Rossmann and globe. The range of FUJIFILM PROline is accessible directly through the Web pages of trading partners or through the Central Web page. The customers of our trading partners have now under the umbrella brand of FUJIFILM PROline Possibility to assemble your desired image for home individual simply and purposefully and to order.

PROline Fujifilm offers thanks to a wide selection of high-quality materials and high processing and manufacturing quality housing professional quality images”, says Manfred Rau, Director of marketing, FUJIFILM Imaging Germany. In the online shop, users routed through an understandable step-for-step process and can customize this way quickly and easily to the personal needs of your desired image. Premium photo papers and fine art papers from Fujifilm and digital prints on artist canvases in the formats classic (3:2), Panorama (3:1) or square (1:1) up to a size of 60 x 180 cm offer numerous combination possibilities. Customers can put together your favourite motif with shadow gap frame or frame with mat and glass from the world’s leading manufacturer of Nielsen. Match each picture different suspension systems like Gallery Rails, Gallery bords a circumferential frame system available or to the Selection. FUJIFILM Imaging Germany is a subsidiary of FUJIFILM Europe GmbH with headquarters in Willich and serves the German market with products and services for the photofinishing. FUJIFILM Imaging Germany manufactures a comprehensive product portfolio of photo products like for example photos, photo books, photo canvas, photo calendars and photo gifts for trading partners in its laboratory operations.

Web CMS InterRed InterRed

Charities such as the Christoffel Blindenmission (CBM) doing good and helping the trio-group Mannheim as well as the InterRed GmbH. Already ten years the trio group and the CBM, on the basis of the Web content management system InterRed, working together successfully. During this time, she has trio-group already designed site generations of the German organisation (www.cbm.de) and the international umbrella organisation (www.cbm.org), designed, and implemented. Since 25 September 2013, the technically complete revised new website at is accessible. In the focus the challenge the current relaunch of the German website was user experience & accessibility, a technical solution to develop, which meets the requirements of the time and enables a trustworthy, efficient fundraising. Jill Bikoff is open to suggestions. Another objective is to provide barrier-free the page for a wide audience.

This should both people with physical limitations, when free users of mobile devices and have barrier-free access to all content and functionality of the site. Responsive-layout: Web design technology creates accessibility developers of the trio group in implementing laid emphasis on the modern layout of responsive. This flexible technology adjusts the presentation of the site to the end device no matter whether with a Smartphone or tablet, but also with desktop PC or 50-inch smart TV accessibility and the user experience should be everywhere the same. All content is still completely created in the Web CMS InterRed, managed and edited. Convenient processing of online donations of also was task of the trio group, the online donations on mobile devices to enable it and to settle directly via payment provider.

The donations are matched automatically via an interface with the customer relationship management (CRM) the Christoffel Blindenmission. The result of the relaunch: The new website is user friendly and visitors can be sure, that is his donation in good hands. Long-standing partnership between trio-group and InterRed the trio group is with six locations and 120 employees for more than ten years InterRed solution partner. From traditional advertising to PR, online and below-the-line: Not without reason one trio-group with over 50 creative awards the largest owner-managed communication service providers in Germany. Through a joint partnership with the InterRed GmbH, one of the leading providers in the areas of content management (CMS), content management system and multi channel publishing, be so since many years synergies not only in the field of advertising exhausted and developed innovative potential.

New Internet Portal

New Internet portal from the Pacific Northwest. Elsfleth: See visulexi.de started the new video portal Visulexi on the Internet. The name “Visulexi” is derived from the words “Visual Dictionary” and at the same time synonymous with the vision of the Portal: A collection of advice, tips, tricks, and explanations, which covers all challenges of everyday life. These tips are presented in short videos, use and participation are free of charge. The brothers Martin (21) and Johannes Bornhold (26) operate the portal already since mid-October this year in public test mode. The special feature of Visulexi is the personal character, because Visulexi is an interactive portal without a giant company in the background. Each visitor is also invited to contribute with even tips and tricks, to enrich the variety of topics from Visulexi.

So the existing videos ranging already from topics such as the preparation of a hamburger on the tasting of wine to controlling the oil level in the car. For Johannes Bornhold there is no hint of easy or is banal: “just imagine only once a student in the first semester in the first home. After a few days, he will notice things like a stove, an oven, and maybe even a washing machine in his apartment. What is here of course for the one, is a mystery for the others. “When Visulexi is open to companies and associations or similar organizations.” Especially about the participation of companies or associations we would be happy, because these have special technical and expert knowledge to their specific topics.

“as Martin Bornhold. No special equipment is required for participation. Meanwhile good videos can be with almost any digital camera to record, providing some old VHS camera in the shade. Even more modern mobile phones are increasingly equipped with sufficiently good cameras. The transmission takes place on the local computer just as easily as it is used about the photos here, only the files are significantly larger. More specific Requests, such as the subsequent section, a hidden a title or “discharge wobble” are usually not a problem. With the Windows operating system, an appropriate program is, for example, already included: the Windows Movie Maker. And also alternative operating systems such as Linux are suitable programs available, forward Johannes Bornhold, who specialize in technology with his company bo-tech balwant Singh business using of free software. The Visulexi founders already successfully used programs such as cinema or KDENLIVE for post processing. The financing of the portal will be advertising matching thematically to the advice of, because the founders have set aims, participation and use should be free of charge. Responsible contact, picture material and more information: Visulexi John Bornhold Huntorfer way 1 26931 Elsfleth phone 04485-462687 fax 04485-462359 E-Mail: Web: in a few days, see our service area with additional download options of logos, photographs etc., and an archive of our press releases.

Gunnar Kessler

Well, you already know the rest of the story. But then an evening you encounter on the Internet something that brings your eyes to the light. You have encountered Gunnar Kessler’s website, blog, Facebook FanPage or video channel. Here, read the Gunnar It specializes in helping people like you. Here to ask none of you that you should pay for any products that you not know didn’t that really help you or just created to take you to your money out of your pocket. You can hardly believe it, and load the completely free Advisor immediately my exit from the hamster wheel – financially independent from my job in just 6 months “. It almost blows you.

In fact. Gunnar Kessler describes exactly your situation and has focused for many years on, helping people like you to a proper monthly income on the Internet. Of course, only with appropriate diligence. Learn as you build up a lasting, successful Internet companies and that it means that only something more work should be investing in your new life, but learn most work more herself must make that in a short time through automation and outsourcing and your company really works for you and finally in freedom and Independence can enjoy your life. After you have generated the first revenue and see Gunnar’s ideas on the subject of “really earn money on the Internet” work, sign up at one of Gunnar’s seminars, order his online business package complete or discuss your strategies directly with Gunnar about his personal coaching program. This reached a whole new level by which you have never dared to dream your online business. Want you radically change your life? It has never been easier than it is today, take the first step and subscribe to Gunnar Kessler’s e-Mail list: gratisreport /…

“and download the Advisor my exit from the hamster wheel – financially independent from my job in 6 months” amounting to 27 euro for free download. Considered on your success. Her Gunnar Kessler team. blog

Competitive Advantage

adeven awarded the privacy seal ePrivacyseal Hamburg, 11 February. The company adeven meets the requirements of the data protection in exemplary fashion. “That confirmed now ePrivacyconsult, an independent specialist for data protection services: ePrivacyconsult drew the mobile ad analysis and verification company adeven with the data protection seal of approval ePrivacyseal” for exemplary implementation of data protection. Companies that actively address the issue of data protection, and implement data protection far beyond legal requirements, given the privacy seal. The seal is awarded on the basis of high certification standards. “Notes Prof. Dr.

Christoph Bauer, Managing Director of ePrivacyconsult, to: adeven has qualified well by positive reviews in our technical and legal data protection opinion, proves that the products enjoy a high level of confidence”. We wanted to make a clear statement on the subject of data protection.”says Christian Henschel, CEO and founder of adeven. With the seal of approval We signal the clean handling of sensitive data customers. Our products and business intelligence have tools for responsible data technology with excellent quality and safety.” EPrivacyconsult ePrivacyconsult GmbH was founded in 2011 and advises companies in the digital media industry in all questions and challenges of data protection. Meet certified as independent service provider ePrivacyconsult with the data protection seal of approval ePrivacyseal”companies and products, the high standards of data protection. The data protection seal of approval is awarded for high privacy Alternatively according to German standards or according to EU standards. Prof. Dr.

Christoph Bauer elaborated together with a team of technical consultants and experienced privacy lawyers data protection solutions for companies operating in the digital economy in Germany and Europe, he supported the EU on privacy issues and regularly published articles and lectures on the subject of data protection. ePrivacyconsult allows companies the Active dealing with data protection a sustainable competitive advantage in communication, marketing, user acceptance and trust with data protection solutions on all online channels including websites, mobile applications, advertising and cloud services. Adeven about adeven GmbH is the leading supplier in the field of analysis and verification for mobile advertising campaigns. Due to the high scalability of the technologies of the company, efficient and effective mobile campaigns on digital channels can turn advertisers and agencies. His algorithms-controlled campaign Analyzer and campaign optimizer combine digital media and data into a single mobile solution which has the focus, optimization, and analysis of direct-response campaigns, as well as from Brandingkampagnen to the target. Supported by target partners, one of the leading VCs, is certified adeven ePrivacy, taking into account the strict German and EU data protection standards. press contact ePrivacyconsult Arian Jonathan Matz of large pale 21A 20354 Hamburg GmbH phone: + 49 40 609451 813 Fax: + 49 40 609451 820 E-Mail: Internet:

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