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Only so we can leverage everything that we have to do good. We always find things in our own person that we do not like, qualities that we are not developing or abilities that we are not taking advantage of. Very interesting is also the contribution that bequeathed us proyectopv.org/1 true/humildad.htm when he says: that humility is a virtue of realism, because it consists in becoming aware of our limitations and shortcomings and act in accordance with such consciousness from the perspective of spiritual evolution (and on each occasion accompanied by the other universal tools that apply). More precisely, humility is the wisdom of what we are. I.e., it is the wisdom of accepting our evolutionary real level. None of the great Greek philosophers (Socrates, Plato or Aristotle) praised the humility as a virtue worthy of practice, because they never came to develop a concept of God rich enough to emphasize the smallness of humans.

In the West, it is only since the advent Christianity that this virtue come to be regarded as the essential foundation of all Christian morality. So it is that for Nietzsche, that no Zoological precisely with this doctrine, humility may not mean rather than a meanness, a weakness of instincts who acts inspired by a slave morality’s own. For their moral idea of the Superman, instead, in the shadow of humility is to oppose the clarity of the pride, so lauded by the Greeks and then by Nietzsche. The truth of this dilemma, without doubt, is within us. However, East philosophy, which has reached a much more significant than the Western spiritual development, never hesitated to assign a relevant role within the virtues of the wise. Thus, the true masters of the mystical wisdom of the East amounted to their highest levels of consciousness transcending his ego, becoming universal beings to melt with the river of the world.


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