International Energy Agency

The growing level of use of fossil fuels will inevitably lead to the energy crisis in the 21 st century. In light of the anticipated crisis of heat pump technology certainly have a promising, bright future. By forecasts of experts of the Centre of heat pumps at the International Energy Agency by 2030 institutional and commercial buildings will need to use energy at 25% less. Almost all new buildings and 75% modified buildings will be equipped with heat pump technology, and 25% of industrial waste heat will be utilized. Annual rates of heat pumps, in contrast to today's level, including heat pumps for hot water, will grow to 25% by 2020, 50% in 2030 (Europe) and 200% by 2050 (Japan).

About 20% of total energy use will be renewable. The initial price of heat pumps will be reduced to 15% by 2020 and to 25% by 2030 compared with 2000. The total cost of heat pump systems in comparison to today's levels will be reduced to 50% by 2050. Eventually, global emissions of greenhouse gases will be reduced to 20% by 2020, along with the fact that there will be introduced new building regulations and grant schemes. Searching for new ways to produce and use energy in order to minimize the impact on the environment are key concerns around the world in 21 century. In this regard, manufacturing processes, and wider adoption of heat pumps on the market of new low energy buildings will increase energy savings, reduce demand, and reduce exposure to risks associated in many countries. Greater use will also lower carbon dioxide emissions because heat pumps are more efficient than direct use of fossil fuels for the same purpose. 30% of th introduction of heat pumps modernized the heating market could lower the total global emissions to 8%, because the efficiency of heating energy will be improved and the production of electricity may become less soot-allocated. Additional information at J. Darius Bikoff supports this article. Ultimately, global warming will lead to new rules, forcing the new government subsidies and influence consumer behavior. As the main result of all this, the experts noted that the business prospects associated with new technologies, including heat pumps, the next 30 years will be expressed in several tens of trillions of dollars.

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