In that sunny Saturday, that more seemed full of black clouds, Donana cut the cake in fine slices and packed piece the piece with paper napkins, placed the torradas ones in the sachet of the bakery and accomodated everything in the bag of quitanda of the esquina. It caught its stock market, it kept to the money of the ticket in the pocket of the jeans and was for the bus point. It could see other women as, but certainly none of them there, waiting the bus, had destination of Donana the same. The bus passed a little full and a young woman, educated and with a sad look, yielded its place for that one almost obesa lady, already close to its sixty years, gasping breath. Donana thanked the gentility and was offered to take the bag of the young woman. They had been recognized in a look.

Both were the way of that hell in the Land, to fulfill with its obligations of women whom they loved. They had gone down of the bus talking. The woman seemed not to have more than forty years, but Luck that has only one son. I had four and practically created them alone with my wage of faxineira in condominiums. the young woman agreed, saying that already it had determined not to have more children. It wanted to be able to more than give a little comfort to its son, wanted that it studied, made college.

wise person very well that it could not count on the father of it. The line in the gate already was great. One to one the women entered, passed for the metal detector and waited in foot in a room. When its bag with snacks entered, alone, was revistadas, while they undressed. Nakeds, were apalpadas by an agent, who verified if they did not hide something under seios them and you bathe.

The Other

What Lara made was to alicerar the family without traumas or tragedies. It made of the life a party. The children do not have guilt some of the choices of its parents, but they can suffer irreversible damages. Lara learned some lies. Example, character is something that not dumb.

Each one is what it is. If it does not have to wait nothing, not to believe false promises. To see to believe. They are Tom is who wise person of the things. To dream is valid, since that it does not wait that the other comes to carry through its dreams. when it to become of forgotten, not to think that it is attention lack, is not this, is lack of same reasoning. Nothing to save with its health and welfare.

What you to save with these item it goes to be spending in the interests contained of them that it forgot to pay. If some day you contribute financially, saying you clearly you entered with the money to pay the accounts of the house, education of the children, etc, etc. You know that if today it can, it you must yes be responsible for you. It can until not wanting to assume the responsibility but this already is another history. Lara learned very. It is of opinion that if you were without employed and machine washing clothes, you does not have to wash the clothes summons of it and if it to arrive with a mount of underwears you to wash, asks it as it goes to feel itself washing its panties. if you will be able and to want, it its welfare and of it, that each one has its room, because this history of that if you to sleep in another bed it can look sex is of house, is certain of that if it makes this sort of man, it goes to look for yes with you in the bed or not! They are always in disadvantage because the woman can sexually be active until the eighty years, however it is selective, it makes choices.

First Sight

To the first sight? It will be that love to the first sight exists? The reply pra this question who answers is Robert. Certain night of summer, where the hearts are hotter and the blood boils the station together with, it decided to go to a place where if it concentrated youth. Young adores to walk in groups, to make sprees and to believe that they are the owners of the world and the truth. Robert soon arrived at this place and was if to find with its ' ' bando' ' , he wanted as the others to reveal and to see if ' ' pegava' ' some good looking ones. He took some beers, he played papo it are and tried to conquer some girls. Nothing of abnormal person and nothing that its heart made to beat as it never made some day. It passed the night between beers and you flirt with badly occurred.

But Robert never discouraged, he had auto-esteem well high and nothing he obtained it to leave pra low. The night went passing and seems that Robert would come back toward house without new features, not to be an undertow and a short period of sleep. When suddenly in its front he appeared something. – Rodrigo, who is it? Embasbacado Robert asked to its friend. – It who? I only I am seeing the Mariza that finished to arrive with its boyfriend? Rodrigo answered. – It Is same. – The Mariza? You are not remembered it? – I not! Why? – Why it studied with people a tempo and you never she complimented nor it.

– I do not believe! – It can believe. Robert seems to have despertado for whom it did not know, the attraction to the first sight, that one that all are susceptveis. This attraction can be the start of a passion, only depends on as it goes to be fed.

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