The Regio Colonels

Much before reaching the pomps of ' ' coronelismo' ' , the man who fixed itself here all fought, tamed and won custo' '. COLONEL, REAL OR ONLY LEGEND? Histories involving the behavior of colonels of the cacaueira region, in special those of the cities of Itabuna and Ilhus, had always been common in the daily one of these cities. The actions of the colonels many times were interpreted as frightful, but of in such a way passing of ' ' mouth in boca' ' they gained dimensions well distant of the Real, what it became the image of many as true terrorists. On the other hand, had its skill rude of being and acting, the behavior of the colonels in such a way in public or only in its day-by-day with employees, for envy or same revenge perhaps became reason of chacotas on the part of the too much classrooms of the society arriving even though creating funny personages who counted or sang in public the embarrassing situations where the colonels if involved. In interview to the Periodical ' ' The Regio' ' of Ilhus the ilheense historian Manoel Carlos de Almeida throughout its 80 years of age made the following affirmations on the colonels of the cacao: ' ' The colonels had been many victims of an injustice.

This history did not exist of that the colonels maltreated its employees. Many proprietors of the farms were hard to impose the respect. They had that to impose itself, but this history of slavery did not exist. She was not thus. But clearly that the mentality of the worker of the time is not the same one of today. Today the working laws exist, that had established a relation between the farmer and the worker. Old the colonel needed if impor' '. when questioned for the same periodical on the question of the colonels to gain much money in Ilhus, but to invest little in the city, the historian made the following affirmation: ' ' It is truth.

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