The Slimcoach

Participants in the 13-week weight loss programme, therefore, have the possibilities to get to know other people, to share tips and tricks, share successes and to drive each other. Professional weight loss through assistance: Slimcoach experts support the weight loss can relatives and acquaintances don’t help, refer to overweight, who have opted for a diet, professional advice on diet and fitness mostly from books. However, the stock of literature on the subject of weight loss is now barely manageable. To feel well advised, sufferers often just rely on multiple readings, spend much money and sacrificing yet problems varying the appropriate assistance in individual during weight loss. Overweight and obesity should be However not be underestimated. The body of some people with weight problems is already weakened or even sick, therefore a personal advice urgently is advisable prior to and during the removal, emphasizes nutrition specialist Sven-David Muller. The Slimcoach program provides the direct exchange with qualified diet and movement experts. Participants will have the opportunity, one-on-one assistance and support daily: the competent supervisor Board are appropriate suggestions, recommendations and suggestions that focus on medical policies, comply with the guidelines of the obesity society, the German society for nutrition (DGE) and the German competence centre of health promotion and Dietetics and are guaranteed tailored to specific needs in the wake of the loss of weight.

Professional care when removing: coaching letters of the Slimcoach friends, relatives and like-minded people while a great help for Abnehmwillige be the a motivation boost need to persevere in the face of strict diet plans and strenuous sport instructions. But a professional advice is needed, to get a guarantee that the efforts can actually lead to the destination. No overweight would like to implement measures in the Act, representing a senseless consumption of energy. Contact with nutritionists and motion experts can also help devise winning ways for weight loss and as a result that they actually keep what they promise for a stimulating sense of security. Not only the established hotline, also the coaching letters, the participants of the slimcoach Abnehmprogrammes regularly by E-Mail received, precisely this aim.

You give helpful tips on changing behaviour, thus supporting the slimming project and mobilize dietician Sven-David Muller explained by knowledgeable arguments to continue. Slimcoach thereby guaranteeing regular contact each participant to Expert who warrants that nothing in the way of long-term weight reduction and stabilisation. The Slimcoach is recommended by the German health of centre of excellence and diet foods and complies with the recommendations of the German Obesity Society for structured programs for weight loss. Please see… the Slimcoach concept. See… can apply directly to the non-binding free Slimcoach week of testing you. Can the first audiobook to weight loss by Sven-David Muller, see… order. You can the weight loss cookbook for a slim living s. purchase.

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