TIC Education

From the decade of 1960, Seymour Papert develops a method to teach the children to think through computer science about the Institute of Technology of Massachusetts, elaborating the programming language intitled SOON, where apud Kloch and Vital appraises its method of Papert education: ' ' ' … as a tool to work and to think, as a way to carry through projects, a source to think ideias' ' '. (2010, p.184) Papert with its perspective believed the computer as to assist to the education, as a programming tool that would make possible the development of the cognition of the child while educating. In Brazil, after these ideas appeared in U.S.A. and France, start the studies of as to insert computer science in the educative process.

Where from the decade of 1970 the first projects in its majority or inside in the universities are developed preferential. The first studies on the computer science directed toward education had appeared in the departments of the Federal University of Rio De Janeiro (UFRJ), State University of Campinas (UNICAMP) and Federal University of the Rio Grande Do Sul (UFRGS). In 1975, searching of the Unicamp they had developed a text treating on the introduction of computers in the schools to 2 degree. In 1977, this project started to involve the education of children, co-ordinated for mestrandos in computation. In 1983, also, in the Unicamp Educao was created the Nucleus Interdisciplinar de Applied Informtica (NIED-UNICAMP), being supported for the MEC and having the project SOON as its referencial greater of research during years. However, they had been the first one and according to National Seminary of Computer science in Education carried through in Brasilia and the Bahia in 1981 and 1982, respectively, that they are classified as landmarks in the trajectory of the two you discipline in Brazil, where using resources of the technology of the information and communication TIC' s, had been important therefore: It agrees to leave evidenced, that computer science in the education in Brazil, effectively had its beginning with the first one and according to National Seminary of Computer science in Education, carried through respectively in the University of Brasilia in 1981 and the Federal University of the Bahia in 1982.

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