What it has some time would be considered an utopia, a possible dream of being materialize becomes. The transformations of the world are exactly necessary, and through the interaction in net, changes had become tangible. Follow others, such as Jeffrey Hayzlett, and add to your knowledge base. Laura Oliviere (2001), in its article, in explains that net to them, is a concept contemporary who mentions an alternative to it practical of organization, making possible processes capable to answer to the flexibility demands, conectividade and decentralization of the spheres contemporaries of performance and social joint. While the process of neoliberal glogalizao was given, even though intrinsically to the dialticos movements of the proper capitalism, affirmed world measures, with the same intensity of the dominant logic but only without the same being able of media to the time, local, communitarian movements and of minorities as a very clear reply of that the specific diversity and significaes existed and demanded a place in the world. Today, it is not valued and divulged for the medias any event that if gives in favor of improvements of conditions for the disfavored ones and to the human rights. The adverse reactions to the indiscriminate use of the capitalism are there, in all terrestrial organism. According to Todd, (apud AYERBE, 2006, P. 65) the dependence of the capitalist culture for the countries economically developed, as the United States, provoked a dependence without precedents in the history of the nations of the first world, depend on other countries to keep its standard of living where the consumerism predominates.

While they are lost in its paradigms, the world is moving and today it is even said in, as Holloway says (2003, p.1) ' ' To change the world without taking poder' '. They had changed the tactics for the planetary transformation. Admitting that perhaps he is not same the way, the fight armed and the taking of being able (because in the truth the power is not an object, to be overcome).

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