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Frequently the profits surpass widely the initial objectives. The truly valuable thing of a process is to enjoy all the stages, to learn of them and to value the profits, to be developed and to grow. To obtain an objective is the end of a process, therefore the end of a stage, if the process has not been enjoyed, the enjoyment of the goal will be so fleeting, so ephemeral perhaps that it is not sufficient compensation by the realised effort and will make difficult to undertake other challenges in the future. To celebrate the triumph We have ourselves customary to call to each other by any committed error and our competitive culture makes us consider that the good thing that we do is what we must obtain, which is expected of us and for that reason there is nothing no to celebrate. If we followed with this philosophy a day we will discover that without celebrating, without something changes when we obtain new profits, those profits mean very little, are only profits. By small that is our triumphs, to celebrate them it makes valuable. If to be used to celebrating this to us will be a reason that it animates to us to fulfill goals and makes us feel more realised, happier, that in the end is the important thing.

The celebration does not have to be especially great, but it must significant and hopefully be shared with the people who in some form made possible with their support, with their example or with their interest that we arrived until the proposed objective. As coach supports to you? Most of the efforts that are never undertaken arrive at some part, they remain in the way and they become wasted resources. Usually it happens that you feel motivated to undertake a new project and work in some time. You initiate surely having reviewed it judiciously all the information that you arrange and with a plan developed enough, in which you create to have including all the necessary one to obtain it. Before the disadvantages you will use your logic, the same whereupon you formulated the plan and you will try to find the causes by which it was not. Coach will help to see the successes you and to look for ways to solve what it does not have worked, it will support to you so that you continue trying new forms, with an ample but centered vision, will challenge to you to try creative solutions, visionaries, new and different or will question so that approaches to you your effort and you find the way suitable. Coach will not be your judge, will not be your teacher, but she will be your guide and it will support to you when it is necessary, will not do the work by you, but it will help you to analyze the reasons for which to do it or that you have not done it efficiently and it will help to understand you like undertaking your projects of the way that is comfortable for you, using your capacity to make obtain a better performance.

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