What Is A Business Blog ?

Although the blog is the most requested word of 2004 as per Merriam Webster Dictionary Online, there are enough people, for whom the word Blog is still unknown. Blog is an online diary of events, raves, people's speeches. When first blog was gladly adopted by teenagers and later adults to write about their daily lives. Then, writers and journalists came into the mix, the writing of books and research reports on their blogs. Blogs gained prominence in the 2004 U.S. presidential election.

Meanwhile, some people invented innovative "Business Blogs", "Corporate Blogs" and "Company Blogs". Suddenly, blogs began to appear on the website of the company. At some point, people discovered that search engines like Google and Yahoo were displaying Blogs, in most cases, above the search results. Impact of this discovery was huge! Companies began to write blogs on the hope to reach more customers Potential to visit their websites. So what exactly is a business blog? It is a blog about a business. It is a carefully planned magazine about the company's products and / or services, tips and tutorials on using the company's products. Sometimes the customer service issues are treated with a blog.

Some companies have been white papers on the blogs, while others are reaching the mark of their products on the blog. In rare cases, blogs are used to launch or test market the product. Here is a classic example of a business blog. Stonyfield Farm has not one but four blogs to interact with customers and the community about each of its four product flows.

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