Fold flap, as well as the frame consists of a plastic profile. Necessary in order to make the window was operable part. Modern window may have several options open: Swivel, tilt, swivel-tilt. In the first leaf unfolds just as in traditional windows. In the second – leans on type transom. A third option combines both possibilities. Sometimes the leaf is dull.

This option is often used in large windows, which consist of three parts. In this case, the extreme wing doing agile, and central – static. 3. Impost This important and often cited in discussions of specialist detail in our picture window was left without the numbers. And there are just two possible explanations. Firstly, the picture shows window in which the sash are combined with by other structural elements. Secondly, in order to see the impost, half the windows shall be fully opened A general impost – it’s all the same, familiar to us, the plastic profile with a steel increased inside. Serves to divide the window into parts and is designed to provide a connection between two or more folds in the construction of a single window.

Imagine a window with a wide-open doors. Those cross that you see the open doorway, and there impost. 4. Shtulp plastic profile, which is the same as the impost, serves to connect the two wings, but unlike windows with impost a leaf is dependent on the other during opening and has a window handle. This flap can be opened, only opening the main door with handle.

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