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American Indians

Earth's ozone layer has suffered tremendous damage. Hypothesis Tollmannov postpones flood in significantly more distant past than hitherto believed. A collision with a comet, according to Tollmanna, occurred about 10,000 years ago, and he proved it by examining the tektites with a counter carbon isotope 14C. According to his measurements, the catastrophe broke 9,520 years ago. In the ice core extracted in Greenland at a depth 1390 m, are traces that point to the sudden appearance into the atmosphere millions of tons of gas about 8,630 years ago. Study dendrological scale (ie, layers in slices of petrified trees, which began to rise around 11,000 years ago) revealed that the most noticeable deviation of the C 14 occurred 9,445 years ago: in all likelihood concussion led to an increase in the number of extremely narrow annual rings (the consequences of damage to the roots). Petrified tree trunk removed from the crater Kofels in Austria, has arisen, most likely due to the fall a small fragment of the comet, the uniformity of the tree broke down somewhere in the year 9440. Tollmanny even determined that due to the flood disaster occurred on October 23 9545 years ago, at three o'clock cet. and to prove their innocence, they have presented the results of geological surveys, and the myths and legends. In America at that time had already lived the ancestors of American Indians (according to the most common version, they crossed the Bering Strait at the last stage of the Ice Age, when sea level was several tens of meters below due to the fact that continental glaciers blocked the path of water masses).

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