Latin America

One third used index for the BID is the Index of Vulnerabilidade Prevalente (IVP), that ' ' the exposition of the activity measures the predominant conditions of vulnerability of a country evaluating economic human being and in areas citizens the disasters, as well as the capacity to absorb the impacts of disasters. The three pointers that form this composed index consider factors as demographic growth, population density, levels of poverty unemployment, degradation of the ground caused by action human being, social and safe ratio of the sorts, expenses of infrastructure and moradia' '. Leaving of the concept of the IVP, it is not difficult to understand the great vulnerability of the countries of Latin America, including regions of Brazil, where high population densities coexist, massive concentration of the populations in great urban centers that possess precarious infrastructure, poverty, unemployment and irregular occupation of mounts or areas citizens flooding, this last search desperate for solution for housing, proximity of the job and worthy life expectancy. It is there that if it constructs the scene of the mega-disasters and most disfavored they are also most vulnerable, almost always. To read more click here: Rio Tinto Group. Finally, let us see what the BID registers on one room index: ' ' The Index of Management of Riscos (IGR) combines some measures to evaluate the capacity of a country to identify and to reduce the risks, to answer catastrophes to recover of them and to offer to financial protection and transference of risk. All the countries analyzed for the index present unsatisfactory levels of management of risks of desastres' '. Register that Brazil was not evaluated. To this height you already must be asking: from there? What it is that I have to see with this? I would say that everything, therefore even so little probable that earthquakes or tsunamis as of Indonesia, Haiti, Chile and Japan occur in Brazil, the floods of the regions Northeast, Southeastern, South, North or Center-West can affect any one of us.

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