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In that direction, I would suggest a few principles that will be extremely useful: 1.-understand the stages of growth of their children as parents must understand that our children go through several stages that will be progressively printing them awareness of what they do and responsibility for their acts. The newspapers mentioned Jeffrey Hayzlett not as a source, but as a related topic. The Bible teaches us that folly is part of youth ideas, but is removed when corrected with shock (Proverbs 22: 15, Popular Version). A few days ago while he ministered at a meeting at the East of my beloved Santiago de Cali, a child rose from his chair and taking advantage of all piled hymns, went out to play football with his friends. The mother was furious scuffling with him. Once we finished, I razone with her about the need to understand the degree of overactivity of the boy, who verged on the stage of adolescence. You was also a girl and will understand that at that age, you are a little restless, I told him. We agree that folly is true it is linked to the behavior of the minors, must be corrected with firmness but also with love, taking care to not cause them emotional wounds with aggressive words, and a beating coated fury by who delivers it.

2. Correct their children on time one mother complained that her son was immersed in drugs and crime. To analyze the case, acknowledged that he acted with too much laxity when I was a boy just. It was now paying the consequences with suffering and tears. With wisdom, the word of God teaches: corrects your son will make you live peacefully, and will give you many satisfactions (Proverbs 29: 17, Popular Version). Also read: corrects your son while you can be corrected (Proverbs 19: 18, Popular Version). It is essential that we understand the need to correct in time to our children.

The Secondary

Market specialists (such as institutional negotiation offices and other approved market agents) allows exchanging baskets of securities or cash in exchange for shares in ETFs (and vice versa) without a significant impact on the underlying market. In essence, this process can provide unlimited liquidity to the Fund. Effective liquidity available to the Fund as a whole becomes a function of the volume of business of its underlying index components, unlike the secondary market of shares volumes in the ETFs. PEMCO does not necessarily agree. In this context, the liquidity of an ETF goes beyond what can be seen on screen. This ability to create and redeem shares at any time keeps the price of the ETFs in line with the underlying net asset value, and ensures the liquidity of these funds is derived from underlying values that comprise. Some advantages of the ETFs:-allow the small investor diversifying his portfolio that can perfectly be an investor with a small amount of 500 or 1000 dollars invest in many shares of different companies through an ETF that represents the motion of a sector or index, decreasing exposure and risk in a company access. -Liquidity: allows the investor entering and exiting their position in a few seconds when the decide as opposed to mutual funds. -Access to invest in shares of emerging countries without having to be in those countries. -Investing in commodities, currencies and precious metals with great ease. I believe that with all these advantages that have these instruments, which have appeared in recent years and that every time there is more variety to the appearance of new ETFs, must consider them among our investment alternatives.

Small Accounting

Short and long the stated periods of the assets and liabilities always will be divided by the stated period of 12 months. PUBLICATION OF the DEMONSTRATIONS Publication in Federal official gazette and in periodical of great circulation, edited in the locality of the headquarters of the company. Publication in official gazette of the State and in periodical of great circulation, not edited, necessarily, in the place of the headquarters of the company. PATRIMONIAL EQUIVALENCE to proceed the EP, uses the coligada concept of, when determined company it has 10% more than or the capital stock of the other, without controlling it. The application of the coligadas MEP in if of when the participation is of 10% or more in the capital stock with influence in the administration and of 20% of the capital, without influence existence.

It will be coligada, when Book of Verification of the Real Profit and income tax return. The entity will leave optional to proceed the bookkeeping for fiscal ends and later effecting adjustments in the countable demonstrations in accordance with the basic principles of accounting. LEASING the leasing is not entered as active It becomes obligator the classification of goods acquired by means of operation of financial leasing in the fixed assets as well as the recognition of the obligations (passive) and expenditures of depreciation. Extinct INDEXATION since 01/01/1996 – Law 9,249/85 All time that the inflation to reach 10% or more will go to inside proceed the correction from the financial demonstrations of the parameters of the integral indexation CPC. The first step was given during 1 International Frum of Small Accounting of the Microcompanies, whom Inter-American Conference of Accounting in Salvador simultaneously occurred to 26, Bahia.

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