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To prevent this situation begins from the same beginning of the project, developing a disciplined dynamics of work and become attached to the cronogram of the project, if you fulfill the times you will have the moral solution to press (metaphorically speaking) the client to fulfill his part of responsibility in the fulfillment of the programmed terms. Also it turns out very effective to bring to periodic mention and diplomatically the programmed date of conclusion of the project, this will maintain in positive state of alert the client. Specific what is your estatus on watch after giving the project Once given the project, many clients have the custom to follow to us asking for small changes and updates (according to them), without being decided if they took or not one from our plans of maintenance, therefore we even must seduce it to make quickly that decision, being detailed to him with big drums and subjects of gossip the benefits for their project and strategy to count on our maintenance services. Specific the tasks that your plan covers with maintenance It is important that details the tasks, number of updates, response times and other data of cover that include your diverse plans of maintenance, in order that the client has the sufficient clarity and certainty of his margin of maneuverability in updates of programming and design that will be able to realise to its site. THE KEY OF ITS IMPLEMENTATION When implementing each of our forecasts we must avoid to project to the client any sensation or atmosphere of distrust, that is to say, to do it of formal but simultaneously diplomatic way. This is obtained informing to the client from a beginning and of written form each of our conditions on watch, incorporating them in I practice contract of services that both must sign on both sides to formalize the acquired relation of businesses and commitments, this document can be you yourself supply of services. I am certainly following these practical advice saved many professional headaches and worries to you. In addition, if in your experience we have learned some other forecast would like you shared that it with us..

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It is this that I feel: indignation and repudiation. I explain: The pentecostalismo, since its renaissance in Los Angeles, California (U.S.A.), at the beginning of the passed century, has faced the resistance skeptic and hateful person of a great number of people. To the similarity of what it occurred with the first disciples in the Cenculo in Jerusalem, for occasion of the manifestation of the Espirito Santo and the evident one reality of the power of God (At.2.12-13), many had been arisen arrogantly against the irrefutable test of the present time of the promise of the spilling of the Spirit. On the participants of whom if it would become the fundante experience of the modern pentecostalismo, 1906 occurrence (in Los Angeles), being known as the Livening of the Street Azusa, had fallen again accusations of scandalous and little orthodox behavior for the context of the time. As much the secular media how much theological protestants and catholics, incessantly, vociferated hard critical against the pentecostais cults, taxing its members of histricos and its leaders of antiintellectuals. However, the contrary reactions to the incipient pentecostalismo had not been enough to hinder its growth. The notice of what Episcopal African occurred in that old temple of the Methodist Church, suggestively moved for Mission of Faith Apostlica, had attracted multitudes that, comings of all the parts of the United States and of other countries, had contributed for expansion of experience doctrine pentecostais. The impact of the Livening of the Street Azusa, in a short space of time (two years), generated pentecostais denominations in all the cities of the United States and in more than fifty nations spread for the world.

According to Dr. Eddie L. Hayatt, in its ' ' Fire on the Earth' ' (' ' Fire on the Terra' '), they is esteem that, of almost the six hundred and sixty million protestant Christians in the world, about six hundred million the denominations belong that, directly or indirectly, had been influenced by the Livening of the Street Azusa.

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