The best mother’s day gifts are those that are made with love and from the heart. The fact that use time in choosing the most space photos for your mother and to develop with them a gift is something that reaches a top dimension to the simple fact of making a gift. We suggest a range of gift ideas that will enchant safely. And in all of them you can put the photos, images and even your own designs and messages. A single special gift is achieved with personalized gifts, a very special way of giving something with affection and feeling. Custom Jewelers these custom jewelers are a great gift for the mother’s day that she be able to save their most valuable objects next to photos of people who most appreciates.

Manufactured with high quality materials this jeweler is one of our most original gifts for mother’s day. Personalized blanket for the day of the mother a blanket personalized with photos of your mother or your family is a great gift and is also very significant for the day of the Mother. Sure that surprised her. This blanket is the perfect gift for mother’s day. Photo canvas. Day of the mother a photo canvas with a montage of photos is one of the most beautiful gifts for mother’s day. Put the most tender pictures with your mother in our canvases or custom boxes and the size that you want.

First Sight

To the first sight? It will be that love to the first sight exists? The reply pra this question who answers is Robert. Certain night of summer, where the hearts are hotter and the blood boils the station together with, it decided to go to a place where if it concentrated youth. Young adores to walk in groups, to make sprees and to believe that they are the owners of the world and the truth. Robert soon arrived at this place and was if to find with its ' ' bando' ' , he wanted as the others to reveal and to see if ' ' pegava' ' some good looking ones. He took some beers, he played papo it are and tried to conquer some girls. Nothing of abnormal person and nothing that its heart made to beat as it never made some day. It passed the night between beers and you flirt with badly occurred.

But Robert never discouraged, he had auto-esteem well high and nothing he obtained it to leave pra low. The night went passing and seems that Robert would come back toward house without new features, not to be an undertow and a short period of sleep. When suddenly in its front he appeared something. – Rodrigo, who is it? Embasbacado Robert asked to its friend. – It who? I only I am seeing the Mariza that finished to arrive with its boyfriend? Rodrigo answered. – It Is same. – The Mariza? You are not remembered it? – I not! Why? – Why it studied with people a tempo and you never she complimented nor it.

– I do not believe! – It can believe. Robert seems to have despertado for whom it did not know, the attraction to the first sight, that one that all are susceptveis. This attraction can be the start of a passion, only depends on as it goes to be fed.

Venezuelan Situation

Lately, there have been big changes in the productive management and since then, it has impacted in labour relations as a result of globalization, new openings economic openness, partnerships, the same competitiveness also as reminds Rodrigo Aguilar Arce (Secretary general of the Union of Costa Rican education workers), we face a decline in the quality of life of citizens, whose deterioration is most impressive in rural communities and marginal urban areas, reinforced by causes of economic and social policies that have been applied in recent decades. In the case of the national stage is added the economic crisis and all the effects of the surrounding variables that have deteriorated the wages, affected the middle class marginalizing it towards the increase in poverty, characterizing inflation which seriously affects the purchasing power of commodity and unemployment, covered by a speculation, uncontrollable. The fact, that this serious situation, recall contributed by Aguilar, which indicates, that employment constitutes one of the factors most affected, together with education and health, the weakening of the social security product, lack of good plans and actions of many Governments for paddling the situation. Increasingly, both in the Central American case, as that is up to us, the unemployment figures are worrying, where visible and invisible underemployment reflect a very complicated situation, noting in the informal sector as you can be clearly seen in the main of the Venezuelan cities. Now, if you add to this says Aguilar, the disadvantageous wage levels, which we are aware are low with respect to indicators of prices that each After being fired in the national territory, where speculation predominates, is not controlled, also coupled with the threat of a global economic crisis, which can give way to hyperinflation, the picture cannot be more dramatic. Seriously concerned also, lately, high-level and appropriate health services education has been neglected for Government policy makers and they perceive little changes that favor the rescue of education, for those who have been committed to teaching that generate new horizons that will benefit applicants to opt for a career that allows them to perform and contribute their knowledge to the country.

TIC Education

From the decade of 1960, Seymour Papert develops a method to teach the children to think through computer science about the Institute of Technology of Massachusetts, elaborating the programming language intitled SOON, where apud Kloch and Vital appraises its method of Papert education: ' ' ' … as a tool to work and to think, as a way to carry through projects, a source to think ideias' ' '. (2010, p.184) Papert with its perspective believed the computer as to assist to the education, as a programming tool that would make possible the development of the cognition of the child while educating. In Brazil, after these ideas appeared in U.S.A. and France, start the studies of as to insert computer science in the educative process.

Where from the decade of 1970 the first projects in its majority or inside in the universities are developed preferential. The first studies on the computer science directed toward education had appeared in the departments of the Federal University of Rio De Janeiro (UFRJ), State University of Campinas (UNICAMP) and Federal University of the Rio Grande Do Sul (UFRGS). In 1975, searching of the Unicamp they had developed a text treating on the introduction of computers in the schools to 2 degree. In 1977, this project started to involve the education of children, co-ordinated for mestrandos in computation. In 1983, also, in the Unicamp Educao was created the Nucleus Interdisciplinar de Applied Informtica (NIED-UNICAMP), being supported for the MEC and having the project SOON as its referencial greater of research during years. However, they had been the first one and according to National Seminary of Computer science in Education carried through in Brasilia and the Bahia in 1981 and 1982, respectively, that they are classified as landmarks in the trajectory of the two you discipline in Brazil, where using resources of the technology of the information and communication TIC' s, had been important therefore: It agrees to leave evidenced, that computer science in the education in Brazil, effectively had its beginning with the first one and according to National Seminary of Computer science in Education, carried through respectively in the University of Brasilia in 1981 and the Federal University of the Bahia in 1982.

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