First Sight

To the first sight? It will be that love to the first sight exists? The reply pra this question who answers is Robert. Certain night of summer, where the hearts are hotter and the blood boils the station together with, it decided to go to a place where if it concentrated youth. Young adores to walk in groups, to make sprees and to believe that they are the owners of the world and the truth. Robert soon arrived at this place and was if to find with its ' ' bando' ' , he wanted as the others to reveal and to see if ' ' pegava' ' some good looking ones. He took some beers, he played papo it are and tried to conquer some girls. Nothing of abnormal person and nothing that its heart made to beat as it never made some day. It passed the night between beers and you flirt with badly occurred.

But Robert never discouraged, he had auto-esteem well high and nothing he obtained it to leave pra low. The night went passing and seems that Robert would come back toward house without new features, not to be an undertow and a short period of sleep. When suddenly in its front he appeared something. – Rodrigo, who is it? Embasbacado Robert asked to its friend. – It who? I only I am seeing the Mariza that finished to arrive with its boyfriend? Rodrigo answered. – It Is same. – The Mariza? You are not remembered it? – I not! Why? – Why it studied with people a tempo and you never she complimented nor it.

– I do not believe! – It can believe. Robert seems to have despertado for whom it did not know, the attraction to the first sight, that one that all are susceptveis. This attraction can be the start of a passion, only depends on as it goes to be fed.

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