Have Love Is Know Support

Is love to know support? You’ll be wondering. Yes, the first thing in love is knowing support your partner. Definitions of love, the support is first in the list. And it is no coincidence. If you don’t support your partner, the coexistence is quite difficult, and they won’t grow beautiful love that flows from the heart. Your partner has weaknesses and why it is important to support? The answer is simple.

Your partner, you like it or not, is full of weaknesses, weaknesses, defects and errors. Of course, you also! Imagine how life would be if we could not support us to the other. We could not create homes. We do not aguantariamos to be with the other person. Your partner is not perfect, and you either. Your partner also has to endure many things from you.

And we emphasize more the importance of the support. Ever have you heard of couples that are separated because they no longer supported? Believe it or not, the lack of tolerance is one of the leading causes of divorce. The person no longer supports to your couple, you don’t want it see. Instead of changing her same / a, and encourage your partner to improve as a person, makes a comfortable decision; He goes because he no longer supports more to your partner. Support is indispensable for cultivating love is therefore supremely important learn to endure and tolerate your partner. We can change certain attitudes of our partner using love, not critique the scolding, hints, satires, etc. If you do not support the weaknesses of your partner, it will be very difficult to prevail the respect, loyalty, trust and tolerance in your relationship. And everything is going to be an eternal conflict. Learn how to support your partner to learn how to support your partner, the first thing is that you’re aware that you’re also full of defects and errors. That way, you realize that your partner is also a human being. And say this because it seems that we think that our partner is a strange, perfect, being that should never make mistakes. And if you make a mistake, that takes us from judgment. And this should not be so. Therefore, the first thing is to be aware that all We have errors, you have them. So you have more consideration for your spouse. Now, if there is something you want to change your partner, something that causes much uneasiness in the relationship, there are many ways to achieve this. Diplomatic channels, not by force. With criticism, satire and the scolding you will not get anything. Original author and source of the article

Torremolinos Well

I know that yesterday was the day of all the parents and I have a great one, which was complimented doubly because it was also the day the Joses and Josefas, los Pepes and seeds. And also our first Constitution was 200 years old. But he was also the birthday of a special little person for my. Sister me small, Betty. She knew that probably tragaria some bullshit of kick-started with photographs, and I know that you didn’t do him very excited. I knew that it would mount its cake biscuits (his favorite) and that it would set it to blow out candles. 16 anitos fieraaaa, but what I didn’t know was that I was going to paste those boats down the aisle to find me and suffocate me with hugs by his birthday gift. It has delighted to know that you will be able to see the finalists in the Carnival of Cadiz next Friday with me in Torremolinos I’ll never be able to overcome me myself with this gift, I know, but you would have to have seen his face.

I take this opportunity to thank Alejandro Blocdeesbozos for entries, has been very attentive, besides being a great friend and best company recently I spoke of Yulia in an entry that taught you precious cookie making. Imitating point cruz and lace. I already said that this girl is an artist. Since then, I have followed your blog, the Tanana, we exchanged some email and above all have been in contact for twitter. Although the two live in Madrid, still we do not know us in person. We have pending a cafe to chat, I’m sure we’re going to fall well.

Because to me I already falls well. And this is the magic of the network and the blogosphere, of which I have spoken many times. But this time, besides winning a friend, I have received an unexpected gift. And it is that last Friday I received a very special home with return address of Yulia package. Just that day was my meets. I thought it was a birthday gifts, but when I asked she replied that she didn’t. What a coincidence! So it came out all round. I had an amazing birthday present. It was surprise for her that was my birthday, and for my course to receive this gift. Lately I do realize that things do not happen in a certain way just because Yes. That circles are closed. And that the life gives me positive coincidences and surprises continuously. The package was wrapped and closed with a pink lace. It was accompanied by a card with a colored with watercolor drawing done by herself. That preciousness. Also look at the detail of each bag closed with a heart of washi tape! Cookie reproduce the logo madredemialma. Both the exterior silhouette and the drawing by way of the interior cross stitch. My family was generated a debate on how he could do such as perfect lines and a drawing as faithful to reality. And well, the greater debate came a while later, when I not let them try a! lol is that it makes me so sad eating them and at the same time I am so eager to try them! I have eight, I am thinking of eating four and leave the other four, as a decorative element because it is that they are a real marvel.

The Main

A well-formulated question should have the following characteristics: is action-oriented, directs the mind to the future, asks what, for what or how, but never, it is goal-oriented and contains powerful assumptions, these presuppositions must point out that our son is valuable and that it will meet each task that is proposed with success. Are examples of powerful questions that we can rehearse with them: what you think of what you just did? What you need to have your orderly room? What will do after you’ve finished your homework? Other ways may have to make you wear well with your brothers? How you will manage enjoy yourself more when we leave for a walk on Sunday? How you will feel when you deliver your excellent grades at school? Do you think that you are studying much? But the main thing, before apply coaching techniques in our children is essential to accept them and recognize them as they are, it will be the main asset that counted to succeed throughout his life, will that help us as parents to achieve empathy (rapport), based on unconditional love. Remember that what do not teach you with love, life teach him with pain. Needless to say that all training process involves placing limits, but we must be clear of mark them without hurting them or destroying their self-esteem. Before misconduct, we have the opportunity to correct it with love, emphasizing a strong sanction directly related to such conduct, without verbal or physically assaulted.

Also in well known that overprotection in children not lead to anything good, instead fill them of fears and insecurities which we will help them meet the challenges that impose them life. All parents who formed successful children believed that their children were able to achieve what you propose. When love without Overprotecting you start to open the doors of success. There he begins coaching for life.

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