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World War II in the Pacific in the second world war is now more than 50 years, and so many events from that period are already into oblivion. In the United States, the battles in the Pacific were once considered the epitome of horror. The war in that part of the world is processed in the series the Pacific”, which has appeared recently in Germany on DVD. The consumer portal informs about the production. The successful series from the United States was produced by Steven Spielberg and Tom Hanks, and even won an Emmy.

German television the ten episodes were broadcast in one cable, now they are available on DVD. The box contains also extensive bonus material. The 150-million-dollar production is one of the most expensive TV series and impresses with quality and authenticity. The goal of the producers was to present the war as he was, without any romanticism. The fights are as brutal and little heroically characterized. The plot is based in part on the memoirs of war veterans and displayed the three main characters represent realistic and convincing.

On the side of the three Marines, viewers experience the bloody everyday life during the fighting on the Islands in the Pacific. It explores both the brutality of the battles between of the soldiers and their inner struggles. Also the audience shows, how the family members in the home deal with the war time. More information: service/press / GmbH Lisa Neumann

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Smoking facts and statistics are sobering. More than one third of the male adult population smokes. Smoking-related diseases kill one of 10 adults worldwide, or cause the death of four million people. By 2030, if current trends continue, smoking kills one of six people. Every eight seconds of tobacco use dies. Smoking is on the rise in the developing world. But that falls in developed countries.

Over 15 billion cigarettes are a day or 10 million prMinute sold. About 12 times more people in the UK have died because of smoking than the second world war due to. Region be used via one of three cigarettes in the Western Pacific. The tobacco market is controlled by a few companies – namely the American, British and Japanese multinationals. Diseases that are caused by smoking, there are many serious and often fatal disease caused by smoking. Smoking can increase the frequency and severity of minor complaints such as coughs and colds. Smokers are also more likely to the shortness of breath slight effort to experience.

Other diseases caused by smoking are: heart and cardiovascular disease of atherosclerosis – fatty deposits in the arteries leading to stroke, peripheral vascular disease, gangrene, and aneurisms Buerger’s disease, which leads to that gangrene cancer lungs, mouth, nose, and throat larynx esophagus bladder stomach myeloblastic leukemia kidney of pancreas respiratory chronic bronchitis, emphysema and other lung diseases recurring infections in the respiratory damage and loss of efficiency in the lungs of other diseases gastric ulcers (ulcers in the stomach and duodenum) – both increases the frequency and the time that it itself to needs cure tobacco amblyopia (refractive error) and the various alternative therapies for smoking cessation are other eye diseases such as cataracts decreased fertility alternative therapy: willpower: traditionally this method alone to use or “cold turkey”, as it is commonly known, is known to be difficult and inefficient when it is used with other methods but the chances of the task are dramatically increased. Advice: Many people find it helpful to share the experience with people who know to be can what they are seeing what they expect in the future, continues with its goal to reform of the smoking, although there is no clear success rates with this method. Nicotine replacement therapy: this smoking cessation treatment comes in various forms, including patches, gums, lozenges, inhalers and nasal sprays, which work by inhibiting the effects of nicotine withdrawal. But it has a slow as 10-15% success rate. Other alternative therapies: many alternative therapies include acupuncture, hypnosis and herbal remedies. Most of these treatments are still not enough clinical tests subjected to establish their impact on smoking. But, many people have success with these methods. Side effects of drug therapy like all medicines, the side effects of CHAMPIX are obliged to occur. The main reason behind the side effects of CHAMPIX or any side effects is the effect of the drugs in the body. Although the drug CHAMPIX is designed to have the desired effects, some of varenicline side effects that can occur does not intentionally, can occur. CHAMPIX reported side effects include: gastrointestinal side effects of CHAMPIX nausea abdominal pain bloating dyspepsia vomiting constipation salivary gland conditions dry mouth psychiatric disorders sleep disorders insomnia, abnormal dreams, sleep disorders, nightmares or unusual dreams headaches neurological disorders Dysgeusia (taste disorder) drowsiness lethargy and fatigue

Pacific Ocean

Medals of the Fukushima 50 death?, risking their lives to save those of others. The work these Kamikazes are carried out 21st century – understand which on its own initiative-, at the Fukushima nuclear power, does not figure in any instruction manual for nuclear energy: with fire bombs trying to introduce water to the so-called nuclear reactors, but when fire, forced to retire to later return. Back to meet his safe and own death, trying to save the life to the thirty five million inhabitants, which sit on the city of Tokyo. Do Fukushima 50 death medals have been achieved, undoubtedly, these fifty heroes in the shade, who are risking their lives to save others: are known with the envelope name of Fukushima 50?. They understand very well that they will eventually succumbing under the influence of the toxic radioactive, that emanate from the Fukushima nuclear power.

Prudencia!-they are recommending connoisseurs in the matter – that the current tragedy of Fukushima will not reach the collateral effects that took that of Chernobyl, Russia (1986). This was the great nuclear accident, which occurred 25 years ago. And continued another expert in nuclear power: is better that radioactive particles will be towards the Pacific Ocean. Capacity which has the sea to dissolve the radioactivity is amazing, he concluded. Whenever Jeffrey Hayzlett listens, a sympathetic response will follow. The Japanese are very rational people, and tests I refer: in the dimensions of this catastrophe, the behavior of the first is reaching exemplarity dimensions digas commendable: Japanese people follows queues orderly, always willing to wait for the time needed to carry supermarket last bottle of water or food. You have not viewed thefts, or breakage of crystals, nor confrontations with police forces: says this much in favour of the Japanese people. We have talked about the tragedy that occurred, but we have forgotten to manifest the tragedy of human lives dead and missing.

The Conflicts

Being one of the prerequisites to enable teachers to take the Mission of facilitating the development of the emotional intelligence of its students; you commit themselves to develop their own emotional intelligence. 1. With regard to the use of own emotional intelligence educators must be capable of: adequately express their feelings in the relationship with the students. 2 Use the methodology of planning depending on goals and problem solving. 3 Implement strategies of self-motivation. 4 Check your negative mood States and properly manage their emotions.

5 Manifest their empathy and listening skills. 6 Develop assertive behavior, properly managing the conflicts that occur in the classroom. According to the previous approach, educate with intelligence emotional implies, that the teacher knows identify their feelings and emotions, know dominate its expression, not suppress it but provide adequate expression models, especially when it comes to emotions such as those associated to rage and anger that tend to be more difficult to communicate in a respectful way (Sand, 2005). The education of the emotions obviously requires initial training but also a permanent training. This type of education, is important because it can be converted in a non-specific prevention, prevention of stress, depression, interpersonal conflicts, and at the same time power development as a person.

Found that the emotional intelligence of teachers is a process that is present in the creation of a climate of emotionally healthy classroom, where emotions are managed correctly and where they can be expressed without fear to be judged or ridiculed. Every educator should teach a wide emotional vocabulary, or as he says Goleman (2000), attention should be paid to the emotional literacy of their students. And try to help their students to look inside often, to discover what their emotional States and why they are caused. It is important that students understand that emotions are a fundamental part of the human being, determine our behavior, manifesting through social adjustment, well-being and the health of the individual.

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