Olivia Reyes

He began to work with your internal focusing and ceases to depend on outside, thats the quickest way to disable the illusion of scarcity and until you cannot turn off the illusion that you are dependent on the outside will have many opportunities to show you the truth of that abundance is your divine right. You you were born to be prosperous and happy, to succeed and leave a significant footprint in the world, to help others and make this world a better place. Imagine connected with the power of universal abundance, imagine it as a substance that crosses the planet and you only estiras arms to reach it easily. This week uses any excuse to align you with the truth of your wealth that is your birthright, which is easy to attract, you deserve it and that you are financially dependent of your inner being that is always watching you and who loves you a lot. Implanted in your mind the truth about who you are prosperous (a) and deserve to be some of my favorite mantras to align me with prosperity: 1. let the light dissolve me all fears and concerns related to money, security and being safe. I’m perfectly cared for and protected (a) now Doreen Virtue 2.-the wealth of God is now circulating in my life all my needs are met instantaneously because I am one with God and God is everything. Anthony Robbins 3.-I choose prosperity, really, completely not only halfway, I choose prosperity with all my heart Olivia Reyes 4-all circumstances are transitory, nothing remains, nothing remains static..

The Conflicts

Being one of the prerequisites to enable teachers to take the Mission of facilitating the development of the emotional intelligence of its students; you commit themselves to develop their own emotional intelligence. 1. With regard to the use of own emotional intelligence educators must be capable of: adequately express their feelings in the relationship with the students. 2 Use the methodology of planning depending on goals and problem solving. 3 Implement strategies of self-motivation. 4 Check your negative mood States and properly manage their emotions.

5 Manifest their empathy and listening skills. 6 Develop assertive behavior, properly managing the conflicts that occur in the classroom. According to the previous approach, educate with intelligence emotional implies, that the teacher knows identify their feelings and emotions, know dominate its expression, not suppress it but provide adequate expression models, especially when it comes to emotions such as those associated to rage and anger that tend to be more difficult to communicate in a respectful way (Sand, 2005). The education of the emotions obviously requires initial training but also a permanent training. This type of education, is important because it can be converted in a non-specific prevention, prevention of stress, depression, interpersonal conflicts, and at the same time power development as a person.

Found that the emotional intelligence of teachers is a process that is present in the creation of a climate of emotionally healthy classroom, where emotions are managed correctly and where they can be expressed without fear to be judged or ridiculed. Every educator should teach a wide emotional vocabulary, or as he says Goleman (2000), attention should be paid to the emotional literacy of their students. And try to help their students to look inside often, to discover what their emotional States and why they are caused. It is important that students understand that emotions are a fundamental part of the human being, determine our behavior, manifesting through social adjustment, well-being and the health of the individual.

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