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If you bought a DSL modem from AT & T, which includes 5 static IP addresses and would like to learn how to configure them. You can customize your home computer network and not necessarily for it to obraschatsya professionals engaged in repairing computers. The very first thing to do, what to put on the gateway IP-address of the router. The easiest way to see your default gateway is to use the program for CMD. Open the Start menu -> All Programs -> Hardware -> Command Prompt. When you type 'Ipconfig'e see some results, there you will see the default gateway. For example, my default gateway 192.168.10.

Follow what you need to do this is to enter the gateway address by default in the Internet – for example in Internet Explorer browser or Mozilla Firefox. Next you will see the entrance to the settings panel router. After the opening panel display configuration DSL modem, you must click on the tab located on the broadband the top of the screen. Then click on the Advanced tab, located in broadband. Inside the username. Then click Save.

Router configuration settings are finished. Click on the Home Network, located at the top of the screen. Then click on the Settings tab in the tab are Superior Home Network. Once you go to a page advanced web – the settings, find the settings network, and then click Enable. I used the subnet mask After clicking Save, you will need to click and change the settings on the distribution. Next, edit the distribution of the page settings, you must assign a completely different static IP-address of your network devices. After clicking Save, you now need to manually configure each device receives a static IP-address. For Use the Start>> Control Panel>> Network Settings. If you're using Vista, you need to do it with administrator privileges. If you yourself failed to adjust for this manual refer to professionals carrying out user maintenance of computers.

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