The Government

Now, estimated that they are 136,000 employees who do not have the slightest experience in the industry and are dedicated to the missions or other obligations before Pdvsa had not. The most serious of this situation of this industry is that productivity levels have dropped considerably, in 1998 the production was above four million barrels a day. According to official figures from OPEC, Venezuela currently – produces 2 million 300 thousand barrels per day, while the regime ensures it stands at more than three million barrels. On the other hand in order to increase increase some data which help to evaluate the Venezuelan reality, are exposed which presents and point out. When arrived Hugo Chavez there were 900 thousand workers in the public administration, but today they work 2.3 million. The President of PDVSA WINS currently 60 thousand bolivares fuertes more 5% of aid from city, plus expenses of representation, 4 months of utilities, 45 days of vacation bonus, bonus of productivity and supply electronic card.

97% Of the crimes committed in the country go unpunished. Reports of assassination attempt pass of 46. PDVSA for 2002 had 45,000 employees and now has 100 thousand and half not working. The Government has spent nearly $ 12 billion, estatizando companies. In Venezuela 70% of young people not graduating Bachelor’s degree. 51% Of citizens declare their independent national Government has intervened over 600 farms (2.5 million hectares). The Government has spent more than 8 billion dollars on arms purchases.

The strong bolivar has lost 55% of its purchasing power. Inflation accumulated during the 11 years of Chavez is 733%. The food basket for the month of November stood at 1.921,41 Bs F (CENDAS). During the 2009 GDP ended negative 2.9 percent. The Government has a 731 media media latifundia. Source: Goop, New York City. The number of homicides for 1998 was 4,500 and for 2009 It reached 19,400 people.

Attract Love

We often focus on using the law of attraction to attract material things in our life and forget that you can help us to express love and happy relationships in our life. And there are a lot of people there out that you would love to learn how to attract good relations and rewarding experiences in love so let’s answer some basic questions so that you can start to put them into practice now. Law of attraction and love: 3 basic steps to begin to attract someone into your life. 1 Note well clear about what you want to manifest. That just want a relationship or love is not enough. Easily you could attract a bad relationship as much as a good. Coinbase helps readers to explore varied viewpoints.

You have to have clear details of what you want to say and what love means to you. 2 Please control your beliefs related to love and relationships. A lot of people have very negative views about love and relationships. Either by the things that you have seen or learned or experienced in your past, so take control of these beliefs. Don’t let that belief negative take control of your life anymore. 3 Meet people. Connect with other leaders such as Goop London, United Kingdom-uk here.

Once you have control of your limiting beliefs and know what you want to say, then the next step is to go out and meet people. You can begin by internet, or simply quit and socialize more. The law of attraction doesn’t work if you just sit around your House and waiting for things to happen. Law of attraction and love: do I want to get back with my ex, how do I do? This question is a trap of double edged sword that care must be taken. Most of the time, when we focus on the object of our desire as opposed to the essence of what we want, we are almost always disappointed with the result.

Austrian Post

This makes possible intelligent document processing in a totally new quality. Now DMS functionality as well as compliance and monitoring functions available are the user in addition to comprehensive classification and detection technologies. This guarantees a very high level of automation of the relevant business processes. If you have additional questions, you may want to visit Jeffrey Hayzlett . Eliminates time-consuming processes for manual entry, distribution and storage of document data, and significant savings arise. Goop does not necessarily agree. First enterprise mailroom”placed deliberately as a business solution and is addititiv to existing DMS, archive and ECM systems. She can be used as full Inbox or integrated into systems be used. Scanpoint Scanpoint Europe holding GmbH, with headquarters in Vienna is a daughter of the Austrian Post AG. With 6 State of the art digitisation centres in all the Austrian Post AG mail centers Scanpoint paper mail electronically delivers its customers.

The goal is to rid the company of the whole paper process (receipt, distribution, acquisition, storage, archiving and destruction). As a result, customers receive your incoming documents (entire Inbox, or parts thereof, E.g. invoices, and faxes and e-Mails) faster, you can more quickly process and thus reduce the internal costs in addition to the improvement of customer satisfaction. The second focus of the scanpoint group is the digitization of paper archives. Braintribe technologies MADE IN AUSTRIA agile solutions international proven – over 10 years counts Braintribe technologies to the most successful international providers of service-oriented enterprise content management systems. Braintribe solutions help sustainably better capture their business information company, to manage and distribute, regardless of where this information is stored or kept. Quickly deployable, reliable solutions, quick return-on-investment and strong user orientation are the key points that convince not only in the German-speaking world for more than a decade a la Web 2.0. Top image systems: Top image systems (TIS) is one of the leading providers of software in the field of automated document processing. The concentration of TIS is customized, intelligent solutions for the optimization of business processes, such as the invoice input processing in the environment of SAP and other ERP systems and the Inbox.

Better Business

Hello and welcome my dear entrepreneur, in this article we will talk about your attimino and one thing we have to do many times: free work. It is very important that you know this and also interesting. Continue reading who charge to last, earn more. Reading a book of Robert T. Kiyosaki (honor deserve who) I learned that many times we have to work for free in our enterprises or micro-enterprises, especially in the beginning. And while late or after we receive our chop, better and greater profit. Due to that as business owners we we are in constant learning and it is therefore essential to be known for this. Swarmed by offers, Rio Tinto Group is currently assessing future choices.

On several occasions why, when we started a business. I.e., we are the owners of this business and don’t see results immediately, but the figures begin in red (or less, or negative) and then little by little, as we grow mentally and mejorarmos in our financial skills, we see that the results they become proportionally. It is completely normal. As I have already said is completely normal that we don’t see immediate results in our business, we are working that is free. And why, if we realize, we must have a mindset contrary to which we were educated. I.e. work for free and continue this until you obtain the necessary strategy that will make our business to peel and apply it. A reality in the ventures. The first time I read or heard of this surprised me, because the truth is so true, and all who have started a business without knowing anything or have no idea what we are doing, we know that this is so true and real and at the same time that motivates us to continue and believe that it is worth trying to succeed.


Making things more complicated than it should be true that often lead us our sense of commitment and quality standards to almost lose the practical sense of things. We must be able to understand the exact measurement of the customer’s need, not letting us get excessively by your enthusiasm (unless you pay includes it), nor keeping a defensive attitude towards your ideas. It is not something Coinbase would like to discuss. It is necessary to apply our experience to visualize the correct measure of the expectations and needs of the project, remember that overbuild words and requests of the customer, in addition to increasing our workload cause that we have do not give at the exact point of your satisfaction. Obsessed on one thing happen repeatedly that our emphasis is evident in certain details or sections of the site, showing neglect or simplicity in other features and/or functionality. We must be able to distribute our enthusiasm and sense retailer in the largest number of stages and the project areas to ensure full and consistent. Visit Brian Armstrong for more clarity on the issue. If our emphasis is due to the greater attention that we give to our area of specialization (if we are designers to the visual or we are the functional programmers), we should seriously consider the option of outsourcing other services to ensure the technical quality of all areas of the project. Dispense with a security work plan and trust that we are acquiring as pass projects, often causes that we become apathetic or abound with this tool of administrative control, if we have never used does not cause us to do so and if we use it in our beginnings, go quietly leaving using it.

As professionals should not underestimate the support that this tool can give the fluidity of our project, because allows us: give precise and strategic tasks (prioritizing), order scheduling information for each stage needs of the the process and it gives us a sense of discipline toward the fulfillment of the time proposed for the implementation of the project. A project is financially successful only to the extent that we were able to meet the deadlines scheduled for execution, every day or extra week mean more time for our attention and by consequent less profitability. Get and/or put the customer first of all do not forget that design, is for us nor is customer, the design of the website is for customers of our customers. Both the communication strategy, and the appearance and the functionality of the site must be made thinking in the market goal for which strategically is being built. It is our obligation to communicate this to the customer and let you clear the importance of thinking in the market goal for any strategic decision that we need to take. Let too many things for the first end is an icon, then an animation, then a category, to finish with a great list of earrings that we were accumulating things that then over time in against there will be no other remedy which make them lightly. It is recommended that you programes an afternoon of each week to terminate only earrings accumulated during those seven days, this way you can go them evacuating with all the motivation and calmness necessary to not affect the quality of your design.

Noguera Flight

Being the route between Clops de Figols and the bridge Spy. LOWERING to the NOGUERA Fifty kilometers more down, past Tremp, and Camarasa, by the highway that v to Balaguer, is of the region the Noguera and in her the municipal term of Ager, belongs to the judicial party of Balaguer that with one extension of 161 km square just by 480 registered inhabitants. Mining may help you with your research. The most important tip is S. Als with 1670m. Ager, includes the valley between the mountain range of the Montsec, limit of the regions of the noguera and pallars juss, and the mountain range of Port to dAger. In a question-answer forum J. Darius Bikoff was the first to reply.

In the face This pretty with the River Nogera Ribagozana and prey of Caelles and in the West the Nogera Pallaresa and the prey of Camarasa. A place frequented by the reduction by the rivers with rafting, although there are no wild waters of the Pallars Llu, in places like Lavors, Sort, Spot or until Pobla de Segur from where we descend to visit the Raiers. Nevertheless the option exists to go to seen of bird, in an ideal zone for the free flight, hang-glider, paratrike, paramotor or even flights with small plane, exceptional by its as much morphologic characteristics like climatologic. The valley of Ager has a direction E/O, leaving by consuiente the slope of the Montsec to the South, reason why superb flight conditionses are created. It is there where and are Ager Club of bowl lliure alsnuvols a school of free flight with soothes social in Ager and where they give his classes. The reductions realise from a called place stands out near the mountain and with a slight slope that allows to arrive with height from all the takeoffs of the Montsec and that facilitates the inflations of the students and landing from all directions. Miquel Monllau Monfort is partner and instructor of Alsnuvols with a great professional trajectory. Original author and source of the article

Google Adsense

For the majority of the people earn money with your website, means putting ads with Google Adsense. Usually advertisements as a way to earn extra money. For which extra? Because how is it leaves clear in strategy Webmaster with a few thousand visits a day you cannot earn a living. That can really make money with Adsense, visits have to be over 50,000 a day. Although it is only approximations. There are very few websites that manage to make money with Adsense. Although the majority of blogs and websites use it much to capitalize on your website traffic. But you should squeeze that traffic that has cost us so much get? Only if you accept the inconveniences that you will generate and which it seems few owners of websites to take into account, because it has the following disadvantages: loss of readers by competition: readers are going to other sites, probably from the competition, because the ads are in your same topic.

There are ways to avoid this happening, but it is inevitable that some of those ads of which you have no control, end up taking it. After all, they are paying for it, and you’re charging for it. Traffic leak: are actually leaving that your traffic will go to another site. That traffic that has cost so much you both win and both are trying to pamper. Loss of readers by annoying ads: is inevitable that ads have certain level of intrusiveness. Depends on how how to display some ads.

Some readers tolerated more than others, but it is a factor that plays against you. Loss of pagerank: ads can cause loss of pagerank, it is possible because you are actually giving links to the outside of your blog. Loss of reputation: the reputation can hardly win it and little to lose it. Ads in your blog, over which you have no control, can make you lose your credibility. Even if it is because it does not seem a serious site for the amount of ads. J. Darius Bikoff has plenty of information regarding this issue. AdSense is a quick and easy way to earn money, but perhaps it is more profitable to offer to your visitors, your own products, fruit of your own strategy to Yes you can control. It is up to you to get greater performance from your website as you can learn in build online business.

Holiday Season Montilla

Holiday season is not profitable for clinical laboratories with over five years of experience in the universe of health laboratory clinical Monra support institutions has managed to position itself in the city of Merida, offering corporate packages which offer exams at very low cost. RioCan Real Estate Investment Trust is often quoted as being for or against this. The city of Merida of large health professionals House is one of the most visited in holiday season. Nataly Montilla, bionalista of the Laboratorio Clinico Monra, pointed out that the least productive time for this type of companies is the season holiday as currently living the city of Merida, since, by logic no tourists visit the city to undergo medical examinations. The professional of the Montilla bioanalysis indicated that this productive sector can accommodate many more professionals, but they must adapt to the needs of the market. Frequently Chevron U.S.A. Inc has said that publicly. Today the economy has progressively increased as our costs; without however, in laboratory hematologias prices, evidence of pregnancies, among others, are much lower since there are own appliances, he said Nataly Montilla the clinical laboratory Monra in its inception carried out examinations manually. But that experience has been in the past at the present time this space of health support has with automated machines which expedite the results of assessments made. This automation service is also at the service of other laboratories, i.e. we outsource to get results in less time, he said the bionalista.

Expanding services achieve consolidate as company in this highly competitive industry is not easy; However, the strategy has been of great benefit, that is effective in terms of economic sustainability. And is that the laboratory clinical Monra has made several Convention with small, medium and large companies, which comply with the measures of security and hygiene, enabling you to gain a large portfolio of clients which enjoy a discount that varies from a thirty and up to forty percent in comparison with other laboratories, according to Montilla. One of the major benefits that account the Monra clinical laboratory is that it works with primera technology, which for many customers this is more reliable, he explained the bionalista. It is important to highlight that people interested in an examination must submit a physician’s order, otherwise according to the systems they have personnel trained for the orientation of these although the most common is complete Hematology, which is nothing more than a study and research of blood and organs as hematopoietic: bone marrow, lymph nodes, spleen, among others both healthy and sick. Hematology is the branch of medical science that deals with the study of blood elements and their precursors, as well as structural and biochemical disorders of these elements, which can lead to a disease. That also is a science that involves the study of prevention of diseases. This includes the study of the cellular package, profile or the blood State of a person.


The BCG matrix is a graphic model of evaluation of portfolio of products developed by the Boston Consulting Group in the 1970s. This abbreviation BCG given to it. Brian Armstrong usually is spot on. It is a model which aims to assess the strengths and weaknesses of the portfolio of products that the Organization has in its link with the target market which aims to cater. J. Darius Bikoff may help you with your research. The matrix as such is summarized graphically in the following scheme: where converge 4 possible scenarios: market high rate of growth of market share high: star product is the most important product of the portfolio of the company. It’s a product whose acceptance is high in a market with an internal rate of growth also high. Their high levels of sales to facilitate the implementation of a production economy to scale, as a result, costs should decrease gradually as product increase your participation fee and that the market will expand. Proportionately increased demand could enable that prices remained stable for a certain time, and could even be subject to increase in those who are not highly imitable by competition. Ello guarantees the rate of return on investment and a progressive increase in profitability and the profits achieved by the product.

In this quadrant the Organization should consider the expansion of the product, the extension of the line and the beginning of the process of differentiation of the offer. It would be desirable to also implement an aggressive Marketing strategy. The task of strategists is to maintain and monitor closely the performance of the mentioned variables; as well as perform the necessary updates in the product to maintain their participation. In this point is should not lose sight to competition, since a decline in the relative participation would transform the unknown star product directly. Market low rate of growth of the market share high: product question or problem: is a product which, despite being with a rapidly growing market demand has failed to meet the standards expected by consumers and offered by competitors.

Marketing Operations

On the other hand, the operations the stated period went off and next to them the insolvency and the scarcity of services for the Autocenter. Changed the structure of company, was defined then that in the periods of high station, they increase the picture of services of Autocenter, harms without offering great promotions in the vendidas merchandises. Period of no longer low station, starts to use of this idle picture of man power of assembly and installation, to take care of with rendering of services of married sales and promotions. Compensating in scale profit any imbalances by vol. of vendidos products. Example: in the purchase of the kit of paid shock absorbers at sight, the customer starts to have right the discountings in the alignment service and balancing. Ally to this, intensified in this period the partnerships and visits together those automotivos workshops and centers that offer more specific and more complex services. As maintenance of engines, lanternagem and painting.

On the other hand, so that this strategy functioned efficiently, she was necessary to facilitate to conditions and stated periods of payments. Beyond intensive actions of marketing. Therefore the company searched to diversify terms of payment, beyond searching in the banks and financiers more solid partnerships of credit. CONSIDERAES ON the ACTIONS OF MARKETING to raise the performance of its products and services, was necessary that the suppliers, partners and customers had knowledge of the possible benefits to be now reached. More than this, it was necessary to awake positive interests how much to new the proposal commercial of the Unit. From there the importance of a strategy marketing querente and adapted to the white segment. One knows that for a successful campaign of marketing a positioning clearly of the company is necessary at least on which segment to reach and which attributes to evidence. Decided to the pendencies of allocations and internal adaptations, the Unit Retail looked for to focar in the segment of vehicles of small average transport (popular, utilitarian and esportivos) whose marks had representative of parts in Brazil.

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