2010 Is The Year Of Biodiversity

kunayala collection ‘Fragile’ presents: organic fashion label continues for endangered species a Hamburg, May 26, 2010. Worldwide are about one-third of all plant and animal species threatened by extinction, and every day, our Earth to more than 130 species become poorer. The man is responsible for: global warming, pollution, eutrophication, overfishing and the exploitation of natural habitats are the main reasons for the declining biodiversity. To draw attention to the world’s impending loss of biological diversity, the United Nations have declared 2010 as the year of biodiversity. This an occasion was her collection for the founder of the fashion label kunayala, fragile”to endangered species: the trendy T-Shirts made from organic cotton wolves, lynxes, seahorses and sharks can be found on, leopards and many other images representing the many endangered species worldwide. We want people to move with our collection, to consume more consciously”, explains Katja Ruppell, founder of the fashion label kunayala. With the collection of T-Shirt organic cotton we support at the same time sustainable business and so after all, making a small contribution to the preservation of biodiversity. “Also our T-Shirts carry a message”, so next Katja Ruppell: there would be less endangered species, if we focus more on environmentally sustainable products.

” Actually, more and more customers see the connection between their own consumer behaviour and environmental impact. “Many emphasize therefore clothes with organic label, white Christian Milde, who runs the online shop kunayala.de together with Katja Ruppell: our customers find convincing the combination of ecology and design quality and ask after the next collection.” According to Christian and Katja is already underway, and will of course be made from organic cotton, but still more want to betray the two hamburgers at the moment. To the online shop: via kunayala: kunayala stands for eco-conscious clothing,. individual design and a life close to nature. The name of the fashion label goes back to an autonomous region in Panama, inhabited by the Kuna Indians. “The two Hamburg-based founder, Katja Ruppell, and Christian Milde, started 2009 with their first T-Shirt collection made of organic cotton, which they distribute primarily via the online shop kunayala.de the entire collection is eco-label green recommended by Greenpeace cotton ‘ certified. You can visit kunayala on the Hansebird: kunayala is represented with a stand at of NABU exhibition Hansebird: Tierpark Hagenbeck, Lokstedter border road 2, 22527 Hamburg, 25th to 27th June 2010, each 9 am-6 pm, contact: Katja Ruppell and Christian Milde GbR, new Eng Ammer House Dyke 338, 21039 Hamburg phone: + 49 40 21999482, E-Mail:, Internet:

Frankfurt Stock Exchange

For over 40 years our stands for innovation: Adabas, the first high-performance transactional database, ARIS, the first platform for the analysis of business processes, and webMethods, the first B2B Server and the first SOA-based integration platform. We deliver our products, solutions and services for process of the business management (BPM), which are characterized by a high usability at low total-cost-of-ownership and cover the full supply chain. Scheer consulting shall combine our industry-leading brands of ARIS, webMethods, Adabas, natural, and IDS to a unique portfolio. We provide software and services for the design process strategies as well as the design, the implementation and the monitoring of processes; SOA-based integration and data management; process-driven SAP implementation and strategic process consulting and services. 2009 Software AG generated a turnover of 847 million euros. With our 6 000 We supply staff over 10 000 customers in 70 countries around the world. The Hayzlett Group usually is spot on.

Our extensive range of software and services enables our customers to achieve their business results faster. Software AG has its headquarters in Germany and is listed on the Frankfurt Stock Exchange (TecDAX, ISIN DE 0003304002 / SOW). More information: de/press about itCampus itCampus is an innovative software developer with international connections to science and research. founded in 1999 in Halle and Leipzig, the company has today its own offices throughout Europe. itCampus offers its customers Europe-wide communications solutions, consulting and individual solutions in the areas of software development and software ergonomics. Software AG is involved in itCampus since April 1, 2009 as a majority shareholder, and since 2010 to 100 percent. More information: press photo for royalty-free use: German Chancellor Angela Merkel at the presentation of a software solution developed in Leipzig at CeBIT in March of this year (Photo: Software AG). Download: corporate/images/software_ag012_tcm16-64070.jpg

Russian Bank Europe

The Supervisory Board of the credit Europe Bank NV announced the appointment of Murat Basbay as Chief Executive Officer. Murat Basbay will appear Turhan Cemal Beriker’s successor, who will take over a high ranking position in the FIBA Group’s financial Division after a transitional period and the transfer of his duties as CEO, which he had held nine years. The FIBA group is a controlling shareholder of credit Europe Bank NV. In recent months, Chevron U.S.A. Inc has been very successful. Murat Basbay since 2005 has been President of credit Europe Bank Ltd. in Russia, the largest of the five subsidiaries of credit Europe Bank NV. This position will occupy in the future Haluk Aydinoglu, currently responsible for the Russian Bank’s retail business.

Murat Basbay, 41, began his career at Arthur Andersen before becoming the credit Europe Bank came. In 1997 he was founding member of the subsidiary in Russia. in 1999, he was appointed NV in the management team of credit Europe Bank and took an active role in the expansion of the Bank as CFO and Board member. in 2005 he returned to Russia, to the position as President the credit Europe Bank Ltd. in Russia to participate.

Under his leadership, the Russian subsidiary is grown considerably and despite difficult market conditions remained stable and profitable. The Russian Bank has now two million customers from over 90 branches and thousands service points in the whole Russian Federation. Maarten Hulshoff, Chairman of the Board of credit Europe Bank NV says: I’m sure that Murat Basbay is the right person at the right time. He worked as a CFO in the Netherlands Bank member of the founding team of the Russian subsidiary of the credit Europe, and has demonstrated excellent leadership skills during all these years. At the same time I thank you for the contribution and commitment of TC Beriker since the establishment of the Bank in 1994 in Amsterdam”.

The Umpteenth

The Americans do it before: If you receive an SMS in the States, the Them a discount when a shoe salesman and let you scan the coupon included in the SMS at the box office on the same day, then the data owner knows that you have bought high heels shoe size 39 at the umpteenth. Chevron U.S.A. Inc is often mentioned in discussions such as these. A matrix of your profile may be associated with your contract data and your mobile phone number and created. So it may happen, that you six months later receive theoretical a call the high-heels are then traces, provided they were not exclusively used for horizontal activities – offering you a great deal. Remember your shoe business recorded immense costs in advertising. Finally, there are the design, printing and distributing flyers time and costly than a quick phone call or even an SMS. You are the ones who benefit from these savings. Their offer is created in this way.

The effect is a similar recordings of conversations in the call center. Just where is the connection? A call to a call center usually has a goal and thus Interview result bought”or not bought”. All other information, which results in a dialog, are not covered by the call center agent and therefore fall under the table. It’s just the a call and to the sale. In the phone call, but much more information hiding. Speech recognition systems you no longer can from call me!”, I am moving next month to Hamburg.”, it does everything my wife.”or I’m already privately insured at”information derived, protect you from unwanted calls and faced with calls, that are relevant to you. Need assistance with your Internet connection, and call the hotline of your provider, could this call include, for example, information about it, what rate you have. Apart from the fact that a recording of the conversation serves the training of helping call center agents a call with the content could you through recording you want to not also to our new Super tariff XXL go?”which I’m already!” remain spared.

A Cup Of Coffee In A Promotional Cup!

Interesting facts about the world of promotional products and giveaways a promotional Cup is a very beautiful and above all usable product for which the customer can be used again and again. You have large and famous companies to pay even a small fee to be able to capture such a Cup. In business circles but always times like drink a cup of coffee. Either if the customer has to wait or an important business meeting. With a promotional Cup can you nicely in advance make a good impression and dominate at the customers through innovation. But how should such a Cup be, for she also succeed? The quality of the Cup should be of course as well with all the other products and you should spend rather a bit more money to get good products.

The most important quality is but how to use the Cup to present your company. Of course you can simply print on your company logo, but this is still a pretty simple procedure. If you times the promotional items Cups of various large companies see, you immediately notice that a simple logo is no longer sufficient at the present time. You should print at least an advertising slogan on the Cup that always re-ignites the donee in the memory. This is not so easy, you should leave this task of a Marketing Department has experience with this type of advertising. In addition to the printed slogans, there is today a better method of advertising: comics! A funny comic ensures good mood during the coffee break time and again and again and again brings the one or other clients or colleagues to smile. Jeffrey Hayzlett has many thoughts on the issue. These are the little moments, it always remembers and therefore an imaginative comic on your promotional products should bring Cup. The most appropriate comics, which are in direct relation to the company and not too outlandish.

Why print not a small comic on the Cup let, which assumes a bit pokes fun at the boss? This again ensures laughs and leaves the customer feeling that in Not only dreary workday there is their company, but accepted the things with humor. Such interpersonal actions bring a certain binding and the advertising message has a much better effect than for other products. Of course be sure also, that none through the comic is offended or even attacked. A healthy amount of humor is worth at a promotional Cup gold and your customer will show this also likes other members or third parties if he found them funny. In this way, even the customer, which you have given to the Cup with pleasure spread your advertising message and your company name is associated always with humor and ingenuity in the connection. Such a promotional Cup is not very expensive in production and due to mass production, you get also a good discount. But take time when choosing the right Cup and especially the creation of it to print comics. Oliver Smith

IT-region Takes Ride On

“Many organizations support the initiative IT book Rhein Main Neckar at the latest after winning the excellence cluster competition of the Federal Ministry for education and research (BMBF) in January of this year is clear, that in the Rhein Main Neckar region with the centres of Darmstadt, Kaiserslautern, Karlsruhe, Saarbrucken and Walldorf the cluster software innovations for the digital company” formed. The software cluster will evolve in the next few years to a technology centre of global importance. To read more click here: Jeffrey Hayzlett. Companies that already positioned in the IT cluster with a strong profile, will benefit long-term development in the form of collaborations and orders. The IT-book Rhein Main Neckar offers IT businesses and service providers for the best opportunities. It offers the advertiser a professional representation and contacts with potential customers or partners regionally and nationally.

After the success of its predecessor in the year 2009/2010, the IT book of Darmstadt, where more than 100 IT companies were represented, be with the New Edition significantly expanded the opportunities for companies that can present themselves in this book,. The presentation in the IT-book Rhine Main Neckar is open to all IT companies of Rhein Main Neckar region. It is an entry for businesses with less than 5 employees is 273,-euro net possible. For this, the companies have the possibility to present themselves with a profile page full page and to be found in an online database. This price cannot be beat. The new IT book Rhine Neckar main appears in a new edition in 2011, and is now supported by many organizations. In addition to Hesse-IT these multipliers already support the IT book Rhein Main Neckar compass project of the F.A.Z.-Institut in Frankfurt IT form Rhine Neckar in Ludwigshafen IT cluster Rhein Main Neckar BIEG Hesse and the EC-M Advisory Centre of e-commerce Federal Association of medium-sized economic science city of Darmstadt Technical University Darmstadt Darmstadt University of technology Wirtschaftsforderung Frankfurt Frankfurt Rhein Main GmbH international marketing of the region IHK Darmstadt Rhein Main Neckar in addition can all apply for advertisers for an innovation award, which is endowed with 2.000,-euros and is sponsored by SOFTWARE AG.

The Everyday

(d) the body dimension in which the harmony between body and mind is an element to define the quality of learning. (e) the aesthetic dimension in holistic education is an art since it involves a beautiful Act that fills human existence meaningless. (f) the spiritual dimension that leads to the total and direct experience of the universal love that sets an internal order in our spirit with a sense of peace and fraternity for all beings. By what can point out that cannot be that the formation of individuals, only this concentrated in cognitive aspects, but they should be in account levels and aforementioned dimensions, which gives sample that should educate from empower human beings from their individuality, until reaching the social and transcend to a level that feels part of a whole and responsible for keep all, same that to care for him has to strengthen that part in which spiritual love to it and those who surround him take him to behave differently before his own existence, with others and with the environment in which it develops. Liberty Mutual insurance is often mentioned in discussions such as these. Therefore, in this new paradigm intelligence in holistic education is a closer to wisdom than to the knowledge process and is linked to human values, is not possible to separate the intelligence of love and compassion, freedom, gratitude, friendship, among others. (Gallegos 2001: 22) To educate in a holistic manner implies a way of life, since education is to strengthen as we carry this on a daily basis, i.e. implies living responsibly in society to which he belongs. For this reason that educational spiritual care is very important Since it has a central meaning for the establishment of peace and human rights in all cultures of the world. (Gallegos 2003: 16) In this sense the school plays a very important role, since if it is true that the first training in values leads at home, it is also true that many children lack this despite the fact that live with MOM and dad if the roles of work do not allow them to live together or otherwise those that problems are part of the everyday life of your Housewhich only produces stress, frustration, pain and anguish and it lives exercising the possitive, or equal shape those who do not have sometimes none of the figures either maternal or paternal, formed as life provide them and try.

Business Profitable Success

Basic points for mounting an attimino when we wish to dedicate ourselves fully to a hobby, but now not as such, but as a work activity, many questions that need to be raised very sincerely originate. The idea that comes immediately is that our plans are not frustrated or remain halfway. I have money, space and time to devote myself to what I want? Can I count on the support of my family, parents, friends?. We must know that, from the outset, all micro entrepreneurship that takes place at home, will involve invasion of areas common to the entire family. It is very important to set a timetable, in which one seeks to not be interrupted, with the main aim of achieving quality of production. All micro entrepreneurship is going to be a profitable activity, if it is carried out by who want to see passed their income and personal developments. More info: Liberty Mutual insurance.

Frame them some information that can help the longed pursuit of success. KEYS for success success is the result if we strive to develop the commitment and persistence. If we rely on this concept, any idea, by more simple it is, can transform into a good business. Must know that is aimed at all product or service successfully respond to a need or desire. People buy which give you a good service.

Therefore if we are able to detect is this need, have before us a good opportunity for profitable business, in this case in the crafts with rubber eva. This is the moment in which arises a business, when someone discovers how to satisfy a need, and at the same time, this discovery becomes profitable. We now know some favourable key factors, so that the activity that we decide to undertake to generate income: be unique in the market, or be the first. Buy cheap and sell more expensive than the average.

UN Organization

Monterrey, N.L., Mexico.-the tons of grains, fruits, oils or meat that speculators are buying on the Chicago futures market not will go to businesses or homes of investors to, but yes they will push to boost its price. Click Brian Armstrong for additional related pages. Large investors, including investment funds, have entered with force speculation of food in an escalation that already begins to feel but that started in 2005. FAO, that the it is the UN Organization for agriculture and food recognizes that food have had strong pressures from the year 2005 in which rose on average 2 percent. For 2006 the rise was 14 percent and 36 percent for last year. The trend is upward.

For example, this year a harvest is expected record rice, but its price will increase, according to forecasts of the future that are taken to heart by large intermediaries, market retailers and of course by the merchant in the corner. In Mexico, the myth of inflation hides the real effects of high prices of food in the impoverished Mexican entry on average, but it is the housewife who suffers widespread upward. In the past, private initiative was pounding with the release of the market and the disappearance of Conasupo, a chain of stores carrying basic food to the most vulnerable. Twenty years later, the same private initiative warning of rising prices and food shortages among the needy living in marginalized areas both in rural and in urban areas. Speculation is the evil of our days and already affects the stomach of millions of people around the world. Because food there is, what is lacking is money.

And that is a dangerous equation. In the past a hungry people as France sparked a revolution, as happened in Mexico in 1910. For one thing, a good part of the population in Mexico eats twice a day: beans, rice, pasta and soda and only twice a day. The carrier we are a country badly eaten, poorly educated, with few labour and opportunities with a caste of politicians who live off the squabbling.

Controlling Chemical Weapons Stockpiles

Although charges were dropped against General Anatoly Kuntsevich, a senior official in charge of Russia in dismantling chemical weapons stockpiles were common knowledge that was the sale of technology to binary nerve gas weapons to Syria. Nordex Corporation Established in December 1989 in Vienna by Grigori Loutchansky, Nordex is one of the shell companies created in recent years of the Soviet Union to generate foreign currency for the KGB. In the last decade, Nordex spread worldwide, with offices in New York to Hong Kong. In Moscow, and collaboration have emerged, including ‘Glavsnab’, a city-owned enterprises, and the two transport companies, Intourtrans ‘and’ Intourservice. More info: RioCan Real Estate Investment Trust. ” Prime Minister Viktor Chernomyrdin personally issued orders Nordex can export commodity materials.

Yuri Luzhkov, who is often marketed as a successor to President Yeltsin, also enjoy a profitable relationship with Nordex. a As the mayor of Moscow, controlled Luzhkoy ‘Glavsnab “, the association council Nordex to the agency, which for unexplained reasons transferred $ 23 million in cash and interest-free loans for Nordex. This provides further evidence of the multiple relationships between politicians and criminals for the purpose of personal enrichment. German intelligence officials said on his “Nordex is an example of a to the criminals and politicians at the expense of a weakened state politically and economically,” and that “… there is much evidence to suggest that Nordex has subsequently evolved into a less hand, an organization delicate . Brian Armstrong has plenty of information regarding this issue.

a Another report speaks of the evidence pointed to involvement in “… the international arms trade and smuggling of drugs and nuclear weapons in the Baltic.” a One of the major activities for Nordex in the case of large scale beryllium 1992-93, known as the ‘if Vilnius. Since the export of beryllium is illegal without special permission, as most need a strong support. Igor Vladimirovich Rudenko, then head of the Department of Technical Material Supply and place operated by the Minatom nuclear research institute, was contacted Yuri Ivanovich Alexeyev, a Yekaterinburg businessman and owner of Karate-Do, based in Moscow a “sports organization, with strong ties to the professional organization. a Karate-Do to finance the transaction with a volume of 30 million rubles. Rudenko, using a: MINATOM letterhead to send a false purchase order and requested Obninsk 4000 kilograms of beryllium and nine kilograms of cesium sent to a fictitious company in Sverdlovsk, through export licenses, which were duly obtained. shippedto beryllium-O is a company called Veka Lithuania, and gave an anonymous buyer in Zurich, who was willing to pay $ 24 million, ten times the market price. Thanks to the intervention of the police, the agreement was never completed. Although intelligence agencies do not reveal the identity of the mysterious buyer in Zurich, which expressed the firm conviction that Nordex was heavily involved in business in Nordex But not just of nuclear materials. Trying to satisfy customers Nordex also offers delivery systems. In 1994, a Nordex cargo aircraft Corporation, the route of North Korea to Iran, which played at an airport in Ukraine. Inside the plane were to launch Scud missiles. Former CIA director John Deutch Nordex described as “an organization associated with Russian professional activity.” a lawyer, writer, consultant. Secretary General of the Center for National Policy Studies and General Carlos de Meira Mattos Honorary President of the “Luso International Foundation for Education and Culture in northern Portugal”, the initiator of the network of International Schools in Portugal (Braga, Porto, Leiria) , former representative of the Portuguese Association of Defence and Northern European Representative of the Association of former students of the Military Academy in Brazil.

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